Mother-daughter duo arrested after solicitating donations in school's name

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A Jacksboro mother and her adult daughter are behind bars after police say they went around Campbell County soliciting donations in the name of Jacksboro Middle School.

Catherine Agee, 61, and Jennifer Overton, 34, allegedly went to local businesses and citizens to ask for money to help with a school fundraier. The two women reportedly asked that checks be written directly to them without the permission and knowledge of the school. 

“Criminal acts against our children or our schools will not be tolerated, period. We don’t want our business owners and citizens to stop helping kids school functions and sports programs at the detriment of a few who choose to prey on the vulnerable feelings of so many who help in our community," said Campbell County Sheriff Robbie Goins. "As long as I am sheriff we will vigilantly pursue, investigate and arrest these people."

In order to ensure donation requests are legitimate, citizens are encouraged to call the school related to the fundraiser, ask for correspondence from the fundraiser or call the central office. Checks should also be written directly to the school to be benefited by the fundraiser.