New look, new editor at The Press

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By Brent Schanding

Dear readers: 

I hope you enjoy this edition of the LaFollette Press. 

For 103 years this publication has been bringing you the best of local news, features and sports. We’ve also provided extras, like job and real estate listings, death notices and thousands of dollar-saving coupons. 

Don’t worry. We’re not stopping that anytime soon. 

In fact, we’re giving you even more. 

Beginning this edition, we’re expanding our award-winning coverage by bringing you more locally-driven content. Specifically, we’re beefing up our business, opinion and faith beats — areas that readers have told us they’d like to see more of.  

Today, we’re also unveiling a sleeker design, packed with more photos and graphics. We hope you’ll find our new look  as eye-catching as those trademark Campbell County sunrises. 

With so much to offer, can you believe our in-county subscriptions start at just $32 a year? That includes every print edition and unlimited access to our website when you register at www.lafollettepress.com.

But wait: There’s more. 

In the coming weeks and months, The Press will be launching even more exciting changes.I don’t want to spoil the surprise now, so stay tuned.
We hope you like them. And if you do—or don’t—please let me personally know. 

In case you haven’t seen my face around the community yet, allow me to introduce myself as the new editor of this publication. 

As a journalist who began working at my own hometown publication, The Bourbon County (Ky.) Citizen at the age of 16, I’m very attuned to community journalism. 

I’ve served in various newspaper roles throughout my career. I’ve been a classifieds coordinator, reporter, copy
editor and photographer at several weekly and multi-weekly publications; an obituary writer for a large metro daily; a designer for an Asian-based lifestyle magazine; and served most recently as the roving editor for The Press’ parent company — Landmark Community Newspapers — where I traveled and provided editorial assistance to dozens of papers, including this one.  

I studied journalism at Northern Kentucky University and most recently resided in Louisville, Ky. (Go Cardinals!)

I fell in love with the scenic beauty of this area on one of my several visits, and I’m glad to make Campbell County and The Press my new home. 

You’ll likely be learning more about me in the coming weeks through
columns and appearances at community events and functions.Until then, if you’d like to discuss story ideas or talk about most anything over a cup of coffee, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

I can be reached by e-mail at bschanding@lafollettepress.com, or by calling 562-8468, ext. 231. 


Happy reading, 

Brent Schanding, editor