School Menu: 4/7-4/11

04/07/2014 (All day)

Menu for Campbell County Schools: Grades K-8

  • Monday, April 7:
    pizza bites, meatloaf, whipped potatoes, garden salad with choice of dressing, steamed corn, ice cream
  • Tuesday, April 8:
    chicken nuggets, grilled chicken salad with roll, whipped potatoes, steamed broccoli, glazed carrots whole grain rolls, sidekicks
  • Wednesday, April 9:
    chili beans, pimento cheese sandwich or chicken salad sandwich, fresh veggies, baked potato with topping crackers, orange slices and grapes
  • Thursday, April 10:
    baked ham, turkey and dressing, whipped potatoes, green beans, hot honey wheat roll, fresh fruit cranberry sauce, easter cake

  • Friday, April 11:
    hot dog, chili optional, seasoned potatoes, baked beans, coleslaw, fresh broccoli and grape tomatoes, juice bar