So who’s face are ya’ll putting on the new five-dollar bill?

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By Beth Braden

It turns out there are several individuals in this country who want their individual states to secede from the union and strike out alone.

Even in Tennessee, there are enough signatures on a petition to warrant a response from the White House.

Secession is not a viable or intelligent solution to any problem this country may or may not be facing. 

The same people who want to secede from the union are the same people who will look at a neighbor they disagree with and say, “Well if you don’t like what’s happening in America, then you can leave!”

Only now, since they’re the ones who disagree, they want to just take entire states and break off from this country. Are you kidding me?

Okay, well, for those of you planning on seceding, please relinquish your U.S. passports and take your money to the banks that will be packing up and leaving the state. Your U.S. money will be useless in your new country. I hope your new government has an idea of what you folks will use for currency. Do you plan to trade for goods and services using Skoal or coffee beans? 

Do you have a plan of what to do when there’s the inevitable flood or blizzard or tornado? Your new country won’t be eligible for federal disaster money. There will be no national guard to come to the rescue.

Will you let your retirees and the disabled go hungry and without medicine? Social Security dollars will no longer be available. 

How will you educate the children? Tennessee is already lagging behind in education, but now there will be a lack of federal money.

Then in Tennessee we have that pesky electricity problem. TVA is a federal entity. How will you generate electricity? Even if TVA agrees to stick around, the price of electricity is bound to skyrocket.

Speaking of skyrocketing prices…how will Tennessee get gasoline? Those import/export taxes are probably going to be pricey.

And then, I guess there will need to be some kind of organized military to make sure Kentucky doesn’t invade and take over. Mercy, they might paint the whole state blue!

Did these secession folks think this through before they started jumping up and down?

I mean, let’s think about the last time states started seceding from the Union. If I remember correctly, hundreds of thousands of people died and the fields ran red with blood.

It is 2012. Are we not above this?

Here’s what I say, if you don’t like what’s going on in this country, then make a change. Don’t rely on elected officials. If you see a need in your community, then you work to make it better.

Not interested in doing any real work? Still want to secede? I call shenanigans. There are plenty of Americans, including myself, who believe this country can still be great.

And if you aren’t willing to work for it, then take your own advice, and get out.