Sub-state Bound

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By Chris Cannon




SPRING CITY – The Campbell County All-Stars of the 6-7-year old division are headed to the sub-state competition.

The team took second place in their competition during their contests in Rhea County, as they fell to the undefeated Harriman All-Stars 12-4 on Tuesday night.

However, they still continue their season, as they go to Greenback on Friday night.

“They’ve strived all year to make it to this point,” head coach Dewayne Goins said. “They played good – most of them went undefeated through the season. It’s a real good accomplishment for them to make it this far.”

After winning 19-12 on Monday night, the Campbell County team found themselves coming into the championship game.

Being a double-elimination tournament, team would have to defeat Harriman twice to take the title.

However, Harriman’s infield defense was too much for Campbell County.

According to Goins, the team’s still accomplished something major.

“It’s a real big accomplishment,” he said. “I know the kids that I’ve coached, the first year I started coaching, they’ve come from not winning a game. They’ve improved dramatically over the past five years. It’s a real big accomplishment.”

His tone spoke it all.

“I love them all like they’re my kids,” Goins said. “I’ve grown real close to them. They all know how to take me – my praise and when I’m jumping onto them.”

Riley Goins led the way, as he went 1-for-2 at the plate, including a triple and two RBIs. David Bates went 2-for-2 with two singles and an RBI, as Hunter Goodman was 1-for-2 with an RBI single.