Teacher says board member threatened her via telephone

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By Beth Braden

A Valley View Elementary School teacher filed an incident report following an after-hours phone call from first district board of education member Rector Miller.

Kindergarten teacher Amanda Ayers told police she received a phone call from Miller on Feb. 22 around 7 p.m, and he “berated her for 10 minutes,” the report said.

Miller reportedly called regarding Ayers’ friendship with his wife, Karla.

Rector Miller reportedly asked Ayers’ why she took Karla Miller with her to a doctor’s appointment and implied Ayers’ was taking her “to meet a man,” the report said.

Rector Miller also accused Ayers’ was trying to break up his marriage and accused her of “barhopping” with Karla Miller.

“He made an emphatic point that if his wife left him I would suffer the ‘wrath of Rector Miller,’” the report said.

Ayers fears losing her job because Miller is a board member representing the school she works at, the report said.

Rector Miller also allegedly said Ayers was “too young and pretty” to be Karla Miller’s friend.

The incident also left Ayers fearing for her physical safety.

According to the report, Ayers put the call on speakerphone so her boyfriend could hear what was being said.

On Tuesday, Rector Miller called the incident extremely personal.

“This was a situation where it was a personal telephone call. I did not at any time present my role as a board member of the Campbell County board of education and also this was a friend of my wife’s and I consider this an extreme personal matter,” he said.

He denies threatening Ayers.

“At no time did I threaten Ms. Ayers in any form or fashion and I’m very disappointed that something as personal as this got put to the point of being presented to the public,” he said.

Rector Miller’s actions were not criminal, but they will be if he continues to call Ayers, according to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. 

It was unclear Tuesday if Miller would face any sanctions from the board of education.

“I’m not sure where that investigation is with the sheriff’s department and would rather not even comment on it now,” said Director of Schools Donnie Poston. “I’m aware of the comments that have been made and I do know everything’s still being investigated.”

Board Chairman Josh Parker said he is waiting to see the outcome of the investigation.

“I guess we’ll wait and see what the investigation turns out,” he said.

Board attorney Dail Cantrell declined to comment until he could look further into the matter.

Amanda Ayers declined to comment.