Thanks to Read-a-Thon participants

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To the editor:

I would personally like to express appreciation to Books from Birth and Campbell County Imagination Library for the wonderful Read-a-Thon on Friday evening.  Special thanks to Nelsie Wooden for all her hard work along with the Campbell County Imagination Library Advisory Council and the LaFollette Middle School and Campbell County High School cheerleaders. WLAF Radio broadcast live for two hours, interviewing many who are involved with Imagination Library. Many children were there to receive gifts, listen to books read to them by local community leaders, and just enjoy a great evening. A big thank you to all the local merchants who donated coupons and gift cards for the children: Burger King, Food City, Hardees, Pizza Hut, Ralph’s Donuts, Subway, The Diner and Wal-Mart. There were many who donated money to help the Imagination Library provide free books for every pre-school child in our county. This is a wonderful program that benefits the children who receive the books in many ways, better preparing them for learning to read when they enter school.

Betty Goerss

Campbell County Imagination Library Advisory Board