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  • MARKING MEMORIAL DAY: A tribute to those lost

     If you’re out for a scenic drive this holiday weekend, head a few miles north of Caryville on Tenn. 116 near the intersection with Old Vasper Road. 

    There, the otherwise curvy stretch of two-lane highway straightens out temporarily, before ducking under an aging railroad bridge.  

    A weathered concrete wall meets a patch of grass planted with colorful silk flowers, small crosses and other lawn ornaments.  

    Scrawled on the wall in white, spray-painted capital letters is a three-deck message: 

  • DERAILED: Montclair’s fourth investor backs out; Jellico rail spur project on hold

    Two years and four investment groups have failed to put an oil refinery in the former Taylor Machine Shop in Jellico. But Michael Williams, CEO of Montclair Technology, LLC, wants to bring an oil refinery to Campbell County—and by doing so employ up to 50 people. He likes the people in Campbell County, he said, “I’m excited about working with them. They’ve laid out the red carpet for me.”

  • District eyes opening enrollment to Internet-based learning

    It’s public school without the cafeteria food, smoking in the boy’s room and dressing out for physical education.
    Virtual school could soon be up for a vote within the Campbell County School District.
    “School districts are taking advantage of it and they will continue to take advantage of it,” said Karen Ghidotti, vice president of the southern region of K12, Inc.

  • 2 arrested on forgery, theft charges

    Two Oneida residents spent time in the Campbell County Jail after police say they were using forged checks to steal from Walmart in Jacksboro.
    On May 20, Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Brandon Elkins was investigating a forgery that originally occurred on March 7. During his investigation, he reportedly saw Heather Harness, 6226 Buffalo Rd., Oneida, and Dustin A. Laxton, 137 Dean Lane, Oneida, purchasing jewelry at Walmart and immediately returning it for cash.

  • Town’s fired fire chief reinstated to post

    Jellico’s aldermen reinstated Fire Chief Gary Troxell after Mayor Les Stiers fired him last month.
    Troxell was fired last month, shortly after documents revealed the town carried no workers’ compensation insurance the day he was injured on the job.

  • Holiday weekend offers events for all

    This Memorial Day holiday weekend locals will enjoy vacations or time off work.  
    Fans on Facebook told us they’ll spend the three-day weekend camping, grilling hamburgers and hotdogs or roasting s’mores. Others plan to hit Norris Lake, as peak season for the popular local waterway starts this weekend.

  • Bartley trial set


    Accused school shooter Kenneth Bartley will be tried in Campbell County Criminal Court beginning on Nov. 18. In March, the court of criminal appeals ruled Barley's original guilty plea was an uninformed decision, meaning the plea was thrown out.


     Campbell County High's 2013 graduation ceremony was held Saturday morning at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate. What advice would you give to our graduating seniors?

    Join the dialogue on our Facebook site. 

  • Great TREEbulation: Iconic Thacker Christmas Inn sign scrapped

      A 38-year-old iconic landmark was “deforested” and scrapped last Thursday when crews removed and demolished the 30-foot tall, tree-shaped Thacker Christmas Inn and Restaurant sign near Interstate 75 exit 134 in Caryville. 

    The larger-than-life sign was cut at the tree’s base by a welding torch before a tall crane lowered it down to a flatbed truck. It was eventually hauled away to a Knoxville scrap yard, although a large chunk of it lingered late Monday afternoon in the parking lot of a shuttered gas station across the street. 

  • WLAF: 60 years of broadcasting

     LaFOLLETTE—Locally-owned and operated 1450 AM WLAF celebrates 60 years on Friday with tributes from past on-air personalities, local bands and more from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Old Regions Bank Building, downtown.

    In the early 1950s, a group of LaFollette businessmen decided the community needed a radio station. 

    The group — including Ed Balloff and Ed Wheeler — eventually signed Campbell County’s first radio station, 1450 WLAF, on the air May 17, 1953.