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  • Dump site policies could change

    In the wake of last month’s layoffs, the county’s Environmental Services Committee has recommended departmental changes.
    Last month, Environmental Services Director T. Don Boshears laid off five convenience center workers to reduce hours at nine dump sites—all but one on Towe String Road. While these sites used to operate 10 hours a day for seven days a week, they are now closed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Boshears had to cut his budget, he said last month.
    Opening dumps on Sunday

  • Caryville, Jacksboro ask County to pay dispatch fees

    Local municipalities are seeking the county’s help. Monday night, Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon and Caryville Mayor Chris Stanley asked the Campbell County Commission to pay for dispatch fees.
    “This past year we got a letter telling us it was going to cost us $57,000 for a 911 dispatcher,” Cannon said.
    This amount has since been reduced to $44,000, Cannon said.
    “We feel, that it being a county service, the county should pick up the tab,” Cannon said.


    Over the past few weeks, the United States’ relationship with North Korea has grown increasingly tense.
    As North Korea’s aggression towards South Korea has escalated, world leaders have feared a broader conflict.
    Three members of the Campbell County Honor Guard—Noah Asher, Poe Bostic and Bob Hearne—served in the Korean War. Having fought there decades ago, they share a unique perspective on the current situation.
    “(We were) all there about the same time,” Asher said.

  • Honor Guard receives Good Scout Award

    The Campbell County Honor Guard was given the Good Scout Award at the sixth annual Good Scout Award Dinner. The purpose of the dinner, which was held at the Ball Farm Event Center on April 4, was to honor the CCHG and support the local Boy Scouts.
    “I think the dinner went wonderfully,” Cumberland District Chairman Brandon Elkins said. “It’s always good to see people who support scouting.”
    Friends of Scouting Chairman Mark Hoskins also felt the event went well.
    “I think the dinner was a good event,” Hoskins said.

  • City promotes 2 in police force
  • Fire guts Potters' cabin

     Campbell County Road Superintendent Dennis Potter and his family are facing an immense tragedy after their Elk Valley home burned down, while spending spring break aboard a cruise ship. 

     “It’s a bad thing that happened,” Potter said Monday afternoon. “It’s been a heck of deal.”

    The family left early last Saturday morning expecting a week of relaxation in the Bahamas, but as they docked in Jamaica on Tuesday an urgent message awaited them.

  • 6 youth face vandalism charges, thousands in restitution

     “Malicious mischief” is what police are calling multiple acts of vandalism that total more than $300,000 at one lakefront, gated-community.

    The destruction occurred at the Villages development over several months beginning last October, according to Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Detective Brandon Elkins.

  • County officials to consider policy against hiring felons

    CAMPBELL COUNTY—The Campbell County Commission will consider a resolution that would prevent the hiring of convicted felons. Commissioner Tom Hatmaker wanted to discuss it last month, but commissioner Bobby White requested it first be considered by the insurance and personnel committee.
    Hatmaker requested the item be added to the county commission’s April 15 meeting.  

  • ANIMAL SHELTER INVESTIGATION: Bite worse than bark

    A former animal advisory board member, who previously championed shelter director Betty Crumley’s leadership, is voicing his concerns. 

    It follows a six-minute viral video in which Crumley is heard speaking to an employee with concerns about euthanasia practices. Crumley dismisses it as the work of a disgruntled, former employee – others contend there are major issues.

  • Prophetic Conference seeking ‘prayer warriors’

    Lisa Elliot, president of Center of Hope International, will host the Prophetic Prayer Conference at Calvary Worship Center April 12-14.
    “I feel like it’s a mandate to bring a prayer summit,” Elliot said.
    Elliot encourages pastors, business leaders and people committed to prayer to come.