Local News

  • Lunar Lunacy: Does the full moon bring out the worst in people?

     Nobody can quite put a finger on it, but there’s just something different when the moon is brightest in the sky. 

    A full moon occurs roughly once a month when the earth is directly between the moon and sun. It has often been blamed for strange happenings. In fact, the word “lunacy” comes from the word “lunar.”
     While empirical evidence doesn’t support theories about full moon follies, the anecdotal evidence is compelling.

  • Liquor license renewed

    CARYVILLE—141 Wine and Spirits is certified to sell their wares for another year after a narrow vote by Caryville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
    New Alderwoman Lisa Crawford and Mayor Chris Stanley abstained from voting. Alderman Mark Stanley passed on the vote. Alderpersons Allan Smith, Lloyd Lawson, Glenn Smith and Vickie Heatherly voted in favor of the measure.

  • Money earmarked for paving

    CARYVILLE—The town of Caryville set aside nearly $68,000 for paving projects. The town had $327,489 in its general fund as of April 30.
    Alderwoman Vickie Heatherly would prefer to see a loan taken out for the project instead of using money from the general fund.
    “I’m all for paving all the roads that we can, but just going about getting the money a different way instead of depleting our funds. I mean, I know it’s not gonna deplete them, but it’s gonna bring them down,” she said.

  • 4 plead in ‘Spring Cleaning’ drug charges

    Four people arrested during the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Operation Spring Cleaning in March pleaded  in court on Monday to their charges.
    Melvin Eugene Lee Jr., also known as Screw, was originally charged with six counts of sale or delivery of a schedule VI controlled substance. He pleaded guilty to sale of a schedule VI drug and casual/exchange of marijuana. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail with credit from time served since March 25, four years supervised probation, court costs, restitution and $7,000 in fines.

  • Filers for mayor’s ouster respond to countersuit

    The 15 people suing to effectively impeach Jellico Mayor Les Stiers’ and remove him from office have replied to his countersuit.
    Last September, Clarence Beck sued to have Stiers removed from office claiming the mayor misspent funds and awarded work to personal friends
    On April 4, Stiers and his attorney, Robert W. Knolton, submitted four defenses and a countersuit to the Campbell County Chancery Court.

  • Man arrested after claiming motorcycle gang chased him

    Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Ken Daugherty was dispatched to Rarity Mountain last Thursday after a cell phone tower maintenance crew called about a man on a motorcycle.
    Michael Paul McGill, 32, of 948 Eslinger Court, Kodak, was headed south on Interstate 75 when he exited at Rarity Mountain and told four maintenance men that the Vigilantes motorcycle gang was chasing him and going to kill him, according to Daugherty.

  • CFD to provide fire protection near industrial park

    CARYVILLE — Caryville’s fire department will cover an area left unprotected after the Pinecrest Volunteer Fire Department dissolved last fall.
    The Campbell County Rural Fire Service took some of the uncovered area, but asked the CFD to cover some of the homes on McGhee Lane near the industrial park. Having fire protection will lower homeowner’s insurance for the residents.
    Mayor Chris Stanley said he and fire chief Eddie Hatmaker had met about the initiative, and all firemen were on-board with the decision.


    At Monday’s workshop, county resident Jim Slusher said the closure of the Adrion W. Baird Animal Shelter April 11 has left stray animals without help.
    “There’s no one to call,” Slusher said. “In my neighborhood alone, I’ve counted three dead cats, and three stray dogs have been dropped on us.”
    Two of the dogs starved to death, but one was taken in by Slusher’s neighbor, he said.
    Slusher referenced Noah’s ark, and said people are responsible to take care of animals.

  • Russell to begin as administrator for LaFollette June 3

    Billie Russell will begin work as LaFollette City Administrator June 3 after being chosen for the position at last week’s city council meeting.
    But starting one job means leaving another. Russell has worked as industrial, economic and community development officer in the Campbell County Mayor’s Office since 2009.

  • Relay for Life kicks off tomorrow

    American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life will be at Jacksboro Middle School from 6 p.m. to midnight Friday. There will be much to see, hear and eat.
    “We do have food (and) entertainment,” said Cyndi Russell, Relay for Life committee co-chair.