Local News

  • Russell chosen as LaFollette City Administrator

    At Tuesday night’s meeting, the LaFollette City Council chose Billie Russell as the new full-time city administrator.

    “This is history,” council member Joe Bolinger said. “As far as I know, there’s never been a woman city administrator before.”

  • Briceville man dies in Friday logging accident

    Calvin L Daugherty, 60, died Friday.
    Daugherty received a head injury during a logging accident in the Vasper Community, according to a report from Campbell County Sheriff's Deputy Travis Bostic. Daughterty was cutting a series of trees off Sharp Lane. These trees were falling slow, according to a witness, Bostic said. One tree fell into a smaller tree, dislodged the tree top, and caused it to spin towards Daugherty. Daugherty was knocked to the ground by the falling tree top.

  • Dog bites deputy

    Sheriff’s deputy Ty Daugherty is recovering from an April 26 dog bite after he and Deputy Cody Chapman served a warrant on Dale Wilson, 629 Grantsboro Rd.
    Wilson was most recently arrested on April 12 when he was allegedly found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and a schedule II drug believed to be methamphetamine.

  • ROAD RAGE REPORT: Readers identify worst conditions in county

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The LaFollette Press asked its more than 1,800 Facebook fans to identify the worst road conditions in Campbell County. Your responses were overwhelming. From Elkins Road; to Highway 229 in Jellico; to Stinking Creek Road near Interstate 75 exit 144; to parts of Demory Road — dozens complained about potholes, cracks and unsafe conditions along corridors in the county. It’s not just a problem unique to Campbell County. In Tennessee alone, there are 93,251 miles of public roads and 38 percent fail to meet adequate standards, according to a recent report issued by automobile club AAA. This report takes a closer look at a growing problem and aims to provide a solution to the county’s cracked infrastructure. (Spoiler alert: It involves higher taxes.)

    — Brent Schanding, editor, LaFollette Press

  • School official’s plan would cut top staff to hire SROs

    School board member Rector Miller sees the passage of a state bill as a chance to assign school resource officers to eight currently unmanned schools in the district.
    Under Miller’s plan, the district would eliminate the safety and athletic director position at the central office. Currently, Johnny Bruce holds that position with an annual salary of $65,842. Eliminating that position and combining the salary with the $206,000 already designated for school resource officers would provide funds for contracting with retired officers to patrol the schools.  

  • Fired town recorder’s personnel file spotless until this February

    An oral and written reprimand are part of former Caryville Recorder Cheryl Ivey’s otherwise spotless personnel file, according to documents obtained by the LaFollette Press on Monday.  
    According to reports, Mayor Chris Stanley issued the oral reprimand on Feb. 27. It is for what he cited as a lack of professionalism he said in a written note.
    Ivey raised her voice, according to the note and was asked to be more professional before she reportedly hung up on Stanley in a phone conversation.

  • Career center to vacate local office

    JACKSBORO—The Tennessee Department of Labor will stop offering job placement services at the career center in Jacksboro, June 30, leaving four employees without jobs.
    “We’re losing a four-person team that has been working here since the inception of that career center,” Campbell County Chamber of Commerce Director E. L. Morton said.
    The loss of the career center’s services will be a “big loss” to the county, Morton said.
    “We’re gonna miss them,” he said.

  • Jellico workers now insured

    JELLICO—The town is now covered under worker’s compensation insurance by Berkley Assigned Risk Services after previous provider TML dropped the town’s coverage on April 10.
    Among the reasons cited were too many claims made against the town, Stiers said.

  • Powers passes auditing bill

    NASHVILLE—Rep. Dennis Powers, R-Jacksboro, has managed to pass six bills this legislative session, including House Bill 651. House Bill 651 requires chairs of audit committees to report fraudulent or illegal activity to the state comptroller immediately. The bill amends a 2005 law. Lawmakers realized the 8-year-old law needed updating when a local audit committee failed to report fraudulent activity to the state comptroller.
    “They were trying to fall back under the confidentiality provision,” Powers said.

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