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  • Hatmaker loses right to make bonds

    It was a question of legalities on Monday when Phillip Hatmaker had his license as a bail bondsman revoked.

    The question at the core of the case was if Phillip Hatmaker had the ability to issue bonds given his status as a convicted felon.

    His attorney, Wes Hatmaker contended that because his client had his citizenship rights restored the issue was irrelevant.

    Senior Assistant District Attorney General Mike Ripley disagreed.

  • Students list other concerns about Ivey’s classroom

    Documents detailing student accounts of their days in Jason Ivey’s class have been released by the Campbell County Board of Education. Ivey resigned last week amid allegations of using inappropriate language in the classroom.

  • Special call meeting ends after agenda approval fails

    A discussion of the search process for a new director of schools ended before it began at a special called meeting by the board of education last Thursday.

    The meeting, requested by board members Johnny Byrge, Johnny Creekmore, J.L. “Sarge” Collins, Eugene Lawson, Rector Miller and Danny Wilson, was slated to begin at 6 p.m., though the courtroom was overflowing by 5:25.

  • Suspect arrested in Jellico High School bomb threat case

    Police now know who scrawled a bomb threat on a bathroom wall at Jellico High School on Jan. 28.

    The suspect is a 15-year-old female student who reportedly wanted to get out of school.

    The student was allegedly skipping her auto body class and hiding in the restroom when she remembered hearing that bomb threats cause school to be cancelled, according to Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Brandon Elkins.

  • Building evacuated after city raises questions about its structural integrity

    A LaFollette building used for mental heath consumers was evacuated last week when the city had questions about its structural integrity.

    “Somebody from the city noticed there was a brace on the outside wall,” Ridgeview Psychiatric Hospital and Center, Inc. CEO Bob Benning said. “The brace was placed there by Mr. Senn.”

    Ridgeview rents space in the first floor for outpatient and rehabilitation services.

    There was a small crack where the bricks meet the window on the side of the building.

  • Pleas settled with criminal court cases

     The following cases were resolved during criminal court with the use of plea agreements:

    •Keith W. Pittman- theft of property $500-$1,000; split confinement with a credit of time served, one year supervised probation, court costs, and $75 to ECF.

    •Amanda K. Sparks- DUI; split confinement of seven days with credit of two days, to report on Feb. 15 to serve balance, court costs, $350 fine.

  • Public Records -Feb. 7, 2013

    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


    JAN. 28 – FEB. 1

    Cleda Marie McNew to Fincastle United Methodist Church, Dist. 1, $450.

    Joe M. Thornton to Larry D. Kessler and Constance Kessler, Dist. 3, $17,000.

    Mark Arwood and Carla Arwood to Margaret Dykes and Darrell Dykes, Dist. 5, $65,000.

    Tommy Cupp and Tilda Cupp to Wesley Dupuy, Dist. 1, $12,000.

  • CCHS teacher resigns after allegations of inappropriate classroom language

    An investigation by the board of education led to the transfer and ultimate resignation of a Campbell County High School teacher.

    Some of the allegations included asking the students if they had pictures of male genitals on their cell phones, if they engaged in “sexting,” and if they had been to an abortion clinic, according to documents provided by the Campbell County Board of Education.  Jason Ivey was also questioned about the repeated use of derogatory female terms in the classroom.

  • No attendance policy for LUB board members

    At the Jan. 28 meeting, LaFollette Utility Board attorney Mike Hatmaker handed board members a letter. In the letter, in response to questions raised by a board member at the Jan. 7 meeting, Hatmaker said there isn’t an attendance policy for board members.
    At the Jan. 7 meeting, Shaw asked Hatmaker if there was an attendance policy. LUB board member Frank Shaw believed there was a city of LaFollette ordinance that didn’t allow LUB board members to miss three meetings.
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  • TDOT reduces Jellico’s matching portion for grant

    The Interstate 75 lighting project has become more affordable for the city of Jellico.
    Jellico leaders have been working on the project since November 2010, Mayor Les Stiers said. It involves a 50/50 matching grant with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Originally, Jellico’s portion for the grant was $648,316, according to Darlene Schlicher from Sen. Ken Yager’s office. Stiers believes the original portion was $324,158.  However, Jellico asked Yager and Rep. Dennis Powers for help with reducing this amount, Stiers said.