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  • Tannis elected South Campbell County Rotary president

    Larry Tanis was elected president for South Campbell County Rotary Club. On March 24 he attended a multi-district President Elect Training Seminar in Nashville, according to a press release. Tanis said he looks forward to serving his term, which will begin July 1. Rotary is an organization committed to providing humanitarian services in the community locally and globally, Tanis said.

  • Local author debuts novel
  • Gov. Haslam unrolls Tennessee Plan

    While many states either rejected or accepted federal funding for Medicaid expansion, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has a different plan—the Tennessee Plan. It involves purchasing private health insurance for Tennesseans who wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford it.

  • Local dentists react after HIV, hepatitis scare in Oklahoma

    Local dentists are reacting after thousands of patients could have possibly been exposed to HIV and hepatitis at a suburban Tulsa, Okla., dental practice. Free screenings for patients began there Saturday and testing will continue this week. Investigators are still alarmed about the sterilization process of the Oklahoma office that reportedly engaged in questionable hygiene practices. 

    “Whenever that happens dentists have to react,” said Eddie Towles, DDS, of Shel Dental Center on Jacksboro Pike in LaFollette. 

  • LaFollette City Council terminates public works employee

    LaFOLLETTE—At Tuesday’s meeting, the LaFollette City Council approved the termination of David Martin, a public works employee.
    Council member Hansford Hatmaker said he had a question.
    “I wouldn’t ask too much about this,” Mayor Mike Stanfield said.
    Hatmaker wanted to see if LaFollette Public Works Department Head Jim Mullins approved of the termination, he said.
    Mullins said he did.

  • Beer board approves permit for CVS; 3 fined for selling beer to minors

    LaFOLLETTE—At Monday night’s meeting, the LaFollette Beer Board approved granting a beer permit to CVS. The beer board approved fining three businesses, China Dragon, Las Cumbres and Ninja Hibachi, which were cited for selling alcohol to minors during a sting operation for the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. It was the first offense for Ninja Hibachi and Las Cumbres and the second offense for China Dragon. The beer board fined Ninja Hibachi and Las Cumbres $500 and China Dragon $1,000.

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     ‘Eyes’ project will document local lives through photography

    LaFOLLETTE—Next Friday, several eyes will be on LaFollette when a group of photojournalism students from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville will descend here to document the area. On April 12, about a dozen students will be photographing residents in the community to produce an upcoming special section in the LaFollette Press.  

    Lake clean-up yields loads of trash

  • FROM HOOTING TO PALM READIN: Strange ordinances eyed

    A man walks along Central Avenue singing aloud. A friend is sitting close by in a parked automobile and honks the horn to get his attention. They wave at each other. Both have violated the city of LaFollette’s municipal code.

  • Honor guard recognized with Good Scout Award

    Tonight, the Campbell County Honor Guard will be recognized at the sixth annual Boy Scouts of America’s Campbell County Good Scout Award Dinner.
    “The Cumberland District (of the BSA) is excited to have the opportunity and honor to honor [them],” dinner chairman Logan Hickman said. “I think it will be a great evening.”
    The dinner is at the Ball Farm Event Center at 6 p.m. The purpose is to raise funds for local Boy Scouts.

  • Jellico still treading deep water from 'financial storm'

    It was the perfect financial storm of a bad economy, bad estimates and bad sales projections, and the town of Jellico is still picking up pieces.

    With the new budget season only four months away, Jellico Mayor Les Stiers is hopeful this year will be better than the last when it comes to generating revenue and preventing some of the problems the town has faced in the past six months.

    “Annexation is still top on the list to grow this city,” he said Tuesday afternoon. The town first discussed annexation last winter and dropped the topic last spring.