Local News

  • Katelyn Norman air-lifted to Children's Hospital of East Tennessee

    Katelyn Norman, who is struggling with cancer, has been air-lifted to Children's Hospital of East Tennessee.

    "Light the Night for Kate" is still slated to go on as planned, according to the Campbell County Sheriff's Department. We'll update with more information as it becomes available.

  • Jellico gives up right-of-ways

     JELLICO—Officials here abandoned two right-of-ways and another is on the chopping block.

    Davant Street between Sunset Trail and S. Queener Avenue and Fifth Avenue between S. Main Street and Hurst Avenue have been relinquished to the adjoining property owners. 

  • Out of the shadows: Group hopes to heal victims of domestic violence

     The Family Services Center offers a support group for victims of domestic violence. The program is aimed to educate and help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or dating violence.

    “What we’re hoping to offer for the victims,” Nancy Morton-Bright said. “(Is) education for the victims, information, resources and support.”

    Morton-Bright, a trained crises advocate with the family services center, will lead the group.

  • MAYORS UNITED: E-911 dispatch too costly for coverage

    Representatives from three municipalities told the Campbell County E-911 board they can’t afford to pay for continued dispatch operations next fiscal year. 

    It is a sentiment consistently echoed in the past several months. 

    “Our concern is I don’t think the town should be responsible for the bill,” said Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon at last Thursday’s E-911 meeting. “Our citizens pay taxes and we think the county should pick up the fees for that.” 

  • Caryville cop retains job despite complaints of neglect

    A Caryville police officer with several complaints lodged against him remains on the job despite a police chief recommendation he be terminated. 

    On Monday, Chief Johnny Jones recommended the board of mayor and aldermen terminate Officer Jim Wilson after several complaints from both citizens and other officers within the county.

    “I hate doing this, but I think he’s a strong liability to the city,” Jones said. 

  • Dropping the B(omb)-WORD

    An attempt to thwart a $350 child support payment is costing a Knoxville man much more.

    Last Thursday, Stephen M.
    Conner, 46, 9545 Housmand Way, Knoxville, was slated to appear in Campbell County Child Support Court. He told police he was scheduled to make a $350 payment he didn’t have.

    “He told us he knew he was going to jail because he didn’t have the money. By the time he arrived in Jacksboro he had decided the way to avoid jail was to call in a bomb threat,” said Campbell County Sheriff’s Detective Freddie White.

  • Commissioners question Boshears about layoffs

    Commissioners questioned Campbell County Environmental Services Director T. Don Boshears about recent layoffs within the department.
    As a cost-saving measure, Boshears laid off five employees on March 11 in order to reduce hours at nine convenience centers countywide. Previously, the dumping lots operated 10 hours a day, seven days a week. However, nine of the 10 centers will now be closed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
    An environmental services committee meeting was Monday where many commissioners not on the committee joined in questioning Boshears.

  • Commission challenges state’s Sunshine Law

    At Monday’s meeting, the Campbell County Commission passed a resolution to join a statewide challenge of the Sunshine Law.
    Bob Barnwell, a Williamson County Commissioner, is sponsoring a resolution to challenge the Sunshine law. The rationale is county officials should be held to the same standard as state officials.
    “I think one of the county commissions passed it a few years ago,” Campbell County Deputy Mayor David Young said Wednesday.

  • Disciple Now to bring churches together

    This weekend, 300 teenagers from churches of different denominations will gather at LaFollette Church of God for the second annual Disciple Now. Disciple Now is a weekend event intended to train teenagers to live according to Christian doctrines.

    “I expect another great experience like we had last year,” said Shane Carney, youth leader at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church. “I think the kids will get on fire for the Lord.”

  • Library preps for symphony visit

    A string quartet from the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra will stop by the Caryville Library on April 4 at 10:30 a.m. for story time. It is the group’s third annual visit to the library.
    “They will read the stories and they provide sound effects,” said librarian Robyn Turner.
    Each year, KSO plans a program that tours area libraries. This year, the theme is “How Many Cats?” a focus on numbers and counting.