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  • LaFollette City court judge sees charges dismissed

    Wes Hatmaker’s legal charges have been dropped.

    In October 2012, the attorney and LaFollette City Court Judge was arrested for driving for on a suspended license.

    However, since his arrest Hatmaker has taken the necessary steps to restore his driver’s license, according to a motion filed by Deputy District Attorney General John Galloway.

    As a result, the charges were dropped in December 2012, general sessions records indicate.

  • Public Records -Jan. 10, 2013



    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



    JAN. 2 – JAN. 4

    David L. Blankenship and Regina Blankenship to Sabarina Walp, Dist. 4, $8,000.

    Charles Baird to Crystal Morgan, Dist. 3, $87,147.

    Ricky L. Hutson to Scottie Allen Sharp, Dist. 3, $150,000.

    United States Housing and Urban Development to Bradley Lynn Utley, Dist. 3, $23,150.

  • Jellico public utilities board raises base rate, extends Rowe’s contract

    The base rate for electricity in Jellico will rise on recommendations from Chris Mitchell of Chris Mitchell Management Consultants.

    “With the investments and the improvements you want to do for your system, you probably want a little more budget,” Mitchell said in a workshop before the regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday

    Currently, 21 cents of every dollar paid funds the distribution, leaving 79 cents for operating costs.

    In October 2012, the utility added $1 to the base rate. That move generated $42,000 for the system.

  • Jellico native publishes romance novel

    Jellico native Chasity Bowlin might be able to thank a case of the H1N1 flu for helping her publish her first novel, The Haunting of a Duke.

    “I caught swine flu. I was quarantined in my house for 11 days, and on my third day I ran out of things to read,” she said. “And I’d been writing for years, and I just dug back on the files on my laptop and reading some of the things I had written, and it just kind of sparked my interest again.”

  • Caryville board works to develop purchasing policy

    Caryville’s Board of Mayor and Alderman worked to outline a purchasing policy at a workshop on Dec. 27.

    Alderpersons Vickie Heatherly and Michael Miller were absent.

    “We want to see what kind of flow we have coming into the city,” said Caryville Mayor Chris Stanley.

    Stanley presented the board with a potential purchasing policy derived from parts of Tazewell, Norris, Jacksboro, and other surrounding town’s policies.

  • CC prepares for annual Point in Time count

    Campbell County will join 11 other East Tennessee counties on Jan. 24 for the annual Point in Time count, a look at the local homeless population.

    By counting the homeless, the county becomes eligible for grant money to help find the homeless permanent housing.

    “Our whole purpose in this is to cooperate with HUD to make us eligible for grant money for our housing and persons here in Campbell County,” said Debi Mikesell, one of the event’s organizers.

  • Looking back at 2012- July through December



    The city of LaFollette delayed its annual Fourth of July Fireworks show because of hot and dry conditions. Temperatures had exceeded 100 degrees. City officials were afraid fireworks could cause a fire in the dry weather.

  • Shoreline Alliance seeking temporary injunction

    New regulations will cause business on Norris Lake to become more expensive for many marina owners this year. This could affect jobs and prices for customers. The Shoreline Alliance is taking legal action against the Tennessee Valley Authority over some of these regulations, which were slated to begin Jan. 1.

    “This is truly a David and Goliath thing,” said David Merritt, from the Shoreline Alliance. “TVA has 110 lawyers.”

  • A natural gas well explosion went mostly unnoticed in Jellico the day after Christmas

    The day after Christmas, a natural gas explosion in Jellico went unnoticed by many.

    At 12:50 p.m. on Dec. 26, there was a gas well explosion near Jellico, according to skytruth.com. Skytruth.com is an online database for tracking incidents that could affect the environment.

    “I use that as my database to follow up on spills,” blogger Kim Feil said.

  • Public Records -Jan. 3, 2013

    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


    DEC. 21 – DEC. 27

    John Daniel Draughn and Laura K. Draughn to Timothy Hatfield and Laura Hatfield, Dist. 1, $10,000.

    Jonathan Paul Smith to Cherie Jeffers and Ronald Jeffers Jr., Dist. 5, $500.

    Tony Davis and Mitzi L. Davis to Daniel N. Foust and Jessica Foust, Dist. 1, $95,300.