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  • Ridgewood school property fails to sell

    The Campbell County Board of Education still has the old Ridgewood Elementary School property on its books after the bid cap wasn’t met at the Nov. 17 auction.

    “Mr. [Thomas] Jobe was the highest bidder at $91,000, but since the board of education put a minimum bid of $100,000 on it, it has to go back to the board,” said school board member Mike Orick.

    At the October meeting, the board approved the sale of the land in a four-part motion.

  • Campbell County principals share improvement ideas after state report card results

    Almost a month after the state department of education released its 2012 education report card, several county principals presented the board of education with their plans to improve scores.

    Three factors affect standard growth of test scores, including socioeconomic conditions, students with disabilities and money spent per pupil.

    “The line is going to be parallel,” said Donnie Poston, director of schools.

  • Cases resolved with pleas

     The following cases were resolved in criminal court this week with plea agreements:

    •Elisha Wilson- promotion of methamphetamine manufacture, felony FTA; three years supervised probation, court costs, $350 fine.

    •Michelle Tickle- auto burglary, theft of property under $500, theft of property under $500; two years supervised probation, court costs, $150 to ECF.

  • public records for the week of Nov. 29, 2012

    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


    NOV. 19  – NOV. 21

    Campbell County Habitat for Humanity to Bunny Allen, Dist. 1, $86,000.

    Ralph Junior Swain to Scott Wayne Hughes and Warren E Terry, Dist. 5, $1600.

    Nealy M. Jenkins, Jr. and Sherry Jenkins to Walter Witt and Catherine Whitt, Dist. 3, $33,000.

  • About 180 local children to shop with a cop on Dec. 14

    On Dec. 14, local law enforcement will take about 180 local children Christmas shopping as part of the Shop with a Cop program.
    Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman started the Shop with a Chop program with Wal-Mart about 15 years ago. Since then, about 1,700 children have been involved with the annual event. The Shop with a Cop program raises money to take children Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart.
    “The donations come from businesses, churches, individuals,” Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman said.

  • East LaFollette Learning Academy new site for alternative school

    The Campbell County Alternative School is now operating at its new location at East LaFollette. It moved there Oct. 29, but renovations were complete by Oct. 1.
    “Everything was finished, we just had to have the fire marshal approve it,” school board member Johnny Byrge said.
    “It’s a brand new building,” Principal Ronnie Lasley said. “It gives a better atmosphere for the kids to be working in. It’s a great improvement.”
    The East LaFollette Learning Academy is able to hold about 100 students.

  • Commission passed resolution to refund $21,000 in delinquent tax refunds

    Monday night, the Campbell County approved a budget resolution to spend $21,739 to refund delinquent taxes. Combined with the resolution passed last month to spend $5,089 to refund delinquent taxes, the county has spent $26,828 from the undesignated fund balance.
    The delinquent tax refunds weren’t a part 2012-13 budget, and money has been appropriated from the undesignated fund balance in order to pay them, according to Campbell County Finance Director Jeff Marlow.

  • Commission appoints Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman to 911 Board

    Monday night, the Campbell County Commission appointed Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman to the 911 Board in place of LaFollette Medical Center COO Sara Lloyd.
    The E911 board consists of seven to nine members who are on staggered terms.
    “All of them are citizens, but some of them are in positions where the board would be something they would have input into,” county mayor William Baird said.

  • Customers, businesses prep for Black Friday

    As Thanksgiving leftovers begin to cool in the refrigerator, many will set out to take advantage of Black Friday sales.
    “I will be shopping. It has been a tradition of mine since I was younger,” Amanda Partin said via Facebook. “I’m hoping to score some video games for my kids and anything super hero related for my son who lives [loves] all things super hero.”
    While many will flock to shopping centers in Knoxville, local stores, such as Radio Shack, Gifts from Above and Smith’s Ace Hardware will offer special sales.

  • Jellico memo stirs questions


    An inter-office memo from Jellico town recorder Linda Douglas to Mayor Les Stiers and the board members discussing lay-offs and “weight issues” within the police department was the main topic of discussion at last Thursday’s meeting.

    Laying off four police officers, one street department employee and one sanitation worker were ideas suggested by Johnson, Bowlin and Evans, according to the note.

    The memo also mentions “weight issues” within the Jellico Police Department.