Local News

  • Jellico Utilities hopes to finish projects in new year

     Jellico Electric and Water System Supervisor and interim General Manager Woody Swafford is all business going into 2012.

    “We’ve got some ongoing projects we’re trying to finish up,” Swafford said.

  • Pursuit ends with discovery of stolen items


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    Erratic driving led to the arrest of alleged jewel thieves during the holidays.

  • LUB manager anticipates 2012 will be a good year

     LaFollette Utilities General Manager Kenny Baird is confident about the service LUB offers its customers as he looks at the projects that will be underway in 2012 to improve the system.

  • CCSD solves Dollar General robbery

    On Dec. 16 the Dollar General store located on General Carl Stiner Highway was robbed at knifepoint. And just over a week later an arrest was made.

    Following the incident in which a male walked into the store and demanded cash from the register before fleeing on foot, officials with the Campbell County Sheriff’s department worked diligently turning over stones that led to the arrest of Dustin Riley Berry, 29, of 430 Farmer Lane, LaFollette.

  • Winter weather causes LaFollette Utility bills to spike

    People can get angry about high utility bills. But the size of their bills is determined more by how much energy they use than rates, LaFollette Utilities Board General Manager Kenny Baird said.

    Customers are charged for energy usage, per kilowatt-hour. Baird gave the illustration of filling up a gas tank. When gas costs $3 a gallon, the person filling up a 20-gallon tank will spend more money than the person filling up a 10-gallon tank.

    “It’s almost all weather driven,” Baird said.

  • County opens shelters for stranded motorists

    Classes in Campbell County had not resumed from Christmas break, but one building became a haven for road weary travelers on Monday night.

    After an unexpected snow shower created a skating rink on Interstate 75 late in the afternoon hours of Jan. 2.  Multiple automobile crashes soon caused the roadway to be impassible.

    Motorists were stuck in gridlock for hours. And as temperatures dropped, Jay Muncy, Campbell County EMA director, said the priority was to get people off the road.

  • Celebration turns dangerous

    Police are investigating a barroom ruckus that left a man with lasting injuries.

    Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the Brown Shack Tavern on Highway 25W. Callers said an argument had erupted into a fight with one man having his face gashed, according to CCSD Chief Deputy Aaron Evans.

  • Durham arrested for child abuse

    A drug overdose has led to multiple charges for a LaFollette woman.

    On Dec. 14, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Wasson was called to 1078 Stinking Creek Road to investigate reports of a drug overdose.

    When he arrived at the scene, Wasson found Tamella Joyce Durham, 42, of 1078 Stinking Creek Road, being treated by EMS workers in the back of an ambulance.

  • What 2012 holds for cities and towns in Campbell County


    Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon hopes the traffic and economy will improve in Jacksboro in 2012.

    “(This year)2011 was better than anticipated,” Cannon said. “The economy kind of stabilized.”

    This helped town leaders in Jacksboro meet some of their goals.

    “We hope everything will continue to improve,” Cannon said. “I hope everybody has a good year, the economy picks up, and we get more jobs here.”

    Jacksboro doesn’t have a property tax, business tax or usage fees.

  • Baird hopes to continue accomplishments into the New Year

    Based on what has been accomplished in 2011 County Mayor William Baird feels confident Campbell County will continue to make strides in the coming year.

    Baird credits much of the progress to a new found desire of county officials and community organizations to collaborate.

    “We have seen the need to work together and now we are working to make that happen,” Baird said.

    According to the mayor, progress has been made on several fronts including the much discussed, highly anticipated business incubator.