Local News

  • Jellico Electric and Water System hires Rowe as manager

     At a special called meeting Feb. 1, Billy Rowe was hired as the new manager for Jellico Electric and Water System by a margin of 3-2.

    “Just glad to be here,” Rowe said.

  • Covert gets 10 years

     A child pornography case that began in White Plains, N.Y., ended Monday in Campbell County Criminal Court.

    It ended with Blaine Steven Covert pleading guilty to aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual exploitation of a minor.

  • Praying for change: Churches gather for weekly prayer

     From poverty to drugs and crime, Campbell County has its share of problems. But members of local congregations see these as signs of spiritual decay.

    “We believe that there are spiritual solutions to (the) issues with which these people are struggling,” Dr. Duane Mills, pastor of First Baptist Church of LaFollette, said.

  • Debate ends in Jellico: Annexation talks over

     Plans for annexation have ended.

    County residents broke into applause last Thursday as Jellico’s planning commission voted to stop plans for annexation.

  • public Records Feb. 9, 2012

    Editor’s note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


    JAN. 30 – FEB. 3

    Melissa Sharp to Jeffery Scott Smith and Melissa A. Smith, Dist. 3, $115,000.

    Kyle McDowell to Danette Bachman, Dist. 3, $83,4000.

    Linda Gibson to Larry J. Gibson and Linda Gibson, Dist. 1, $15,000.

    John Boll and Jennifer Boll to Daniel E. Yoder, Jr. and Amy L. Yoder, Dist. 5, $7,000.

  • County court clerk’s office embroiled in turmoil

    Terminations in the county court clerk’s office have set in motion a lawsuit, subsequent rehires and a slew of innuendo.

    The unrest began on Jan. 12 when Campbell County Court Clerk Debbie Wilson fired Alene Baird and Maria Partin. Baird was a 24 year employee with the county while Partin, Baird’s daughter, was in her seventeenth year of employment. In letters written to the two there isn’t an explanation for their firings nor is one provided on the employee add/ change notice used by the county finance department.

  • Officials weigh in on sales tax referendum

      On March 6, Campbell County voters will have some tough choices to make. And while which Republican will get to make a run for the White House in November may be dominating the national airways local voters will also face an issue that’s much closer to home.

  • News laws posed to fight designer drugs

  • Count shows rise in county’s homeless

    Despite torrential rain volunteers trekked out last Thursday in an effort to put a number on the county’s homeless and precariously placed population.

    For the third year Campbell County resident volunteers joined forces with municipality officials and local law enforcement for the national Point In Time Count.

    This year’s count revealed an increase in those people in the county’s borders who are living without unsheltered or in a situation where were it not for the generosity of friends or relatives would be homeless.

  • Dilbeck snoozed in drive-thru, gets arrested

    Jon Travis Dilbeck appeared to be more tired than hungry last week when he allegedly fell asleep several times at a local restaurant’s drive-thru window.

    On Jan. 28, employees at Taco Bell phoned in a report of a possible intoxicated driver in the drive-thru. The caller reported the driver had repeatedly passed out behind the wheel.