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  • What 2012 holds for cities and towns in Campbell County


    Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon hopes the traffic and economy will improve in Jacksboro in 2012.

    “(This year)2011 was better than anticipated,” Cannon said. “The economy kind of stabilized.”

    This helped town leaders in Jacksboro meet some of their goals.

    “We hope everything will continue to improve,” Cannon said. “I hope everybody has a good year, the economy picks up, and we get more jobs here.”

    Jacksboro doesn’t have a property tax, business tax or usage fees.

  • Baird hopes to continue accomplishments into the New Year

    Based on what has been accomplished in 2011 County Mayor William Baird feels confident Campbell County will continue to make strides in the coming year.

    Baird credits much of the progress to a new found desire of county officials and community organizations to collaborate.

    “We have seen the need to work together and now we are working to make that happen,” Baird said.

    According to the mayor, progress has been made on several fronts including the much discussed, highly anticipated business incubator.

  • The Year In Review- July- December


    Mercy Hospital was sold to Health Management Associates, Inc.

    The Pleasant Ridge Bridge project cost the city of LaFollette $2,500 more than planned. Costs increased because the type of concrete used in the project changed.

    The county commission earmarked $55,000 for a new little league ball field in Jellico.

    Jellico considered if there was enough interest to support a satellite campus of Lincoln Memorial University.

  • Local art students turn trash to treasure

    Area high school art students recently proved their work is not trash even if what they were painting was.

    Students from both Campbell County High School and Jellico High School were solicited to put their talents to use by designing trashcans to be used in conjunction with the county’s litter awareness program administered by county mayor William Baird’s office.

  • Ladies’ class packs comfort in a bag

    When it comes to crime children are often the forgotten victims. But one group of women is working to make sure that isn’t the case.

    As the wife of a Campbell County Sheriff’s deputy, Darlene Bruce has heard first hand how children found in homes where a meth lab has been discovered are affected. And it was those tragic tales of boys and girls being forced to leave all of their toxic belongings behind that made the women in her Sunday School class spring into action.

  • Stolen car hood leads to drug arrest

    A case involving a stolen car hood led to a drug arrest on Christmas day.

    LaFollette Police Officer Charles Duff was on patrol just before midnight when he saw a white Mustang being driven from behind the Save-A-Lot building. Duff believed the car was one that was reported being in the area where the theft of a Mustang hood and battery had occurred.

    The 1992 Ford Mustang driven by David Edward Allen, 38, of 507 E. Hemlock, allegedly darted across Jacksboro Pike and into the Murphy gas station parking lot.

  • Holiday fracas ends with arrest

    A Christmas Day food fight put the skids on the holiday cheer for a LaFollette family.

    Deputies with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department were called to 1631 Loop Road to investigate reports of a domestic disturbance.

    Records indicate Shannon Allen Beaty, 41, of 1631 Loop Road, was at his grandmother’s home with a number of other relatives when he allegedly started throwing food and became irate.

  • Greer arrested for shoplifting

    Curtis Greer got a pre-Christmas trip to jail after being charged with theft last week.

    On Dec. 23, LaFollette Police Officers Robert Foxx and Odell Bailey were dispatched to Big Creek Market to investigate reports of a shoplifting incident.

    A store employee described the offender as a black male with a shaved head. The man identified as Greer, of 508 Rose Hill, allegedly fled south on foot on Tennessee Ave.

    A short time later Foxx found Greer walking on Rose Hill. A warrants check revealed Greer had two bench warrants.

  • Ran stop sign and slow speed draw authorities’ suspicions to alleged drug dealer

     Running a stop sign and traveling too slow drew the suspicions of a police officer last Thursday night.

    Jacksboro Police Officer Zachary Graves saw Michael Justin Estep, 445 Spruce Lane Apt. 7, Caryville, allegedly pull onto Highway 25-W from Mt. Perkins Lane without stopping at the sign. Estep was also traveling 20 miles per hour slower than the posted 45 miles an hour speed limit, Graves said in his report.

  • Mayor Robert Stooksbury looks forward to 2012

     As New Year’s Day approaches, Caryville Mayor Robert Stooksbury looks at what he hopes to see done in 2012.

    “I hope we have a good year,” Stooksbury said. “Mostly just hope everything just keeps looking up.”

    Stooksbury feels jobs are the biggest issue right now, and wants Caryville to attract more business. The board of mayor and aldermen is going to have to keep working with the county and state to promote industry, Stooksbury said.

    “We hope we can attract some industry for our people,” Stooksbury said.