Local News

  • Warm temps, blue skies, only 3,882 go to polls

     Even with blue skies and unseasonably warm weather, voter turnout in Tuesday’s election was light.

    The county has just over 22,000 active registered voters, according to Ann Ayers- Colvin, administrator of elections. But only 3,882 took to the polls to choose a Republican presidential nominee and cast a ballot in the local option sales tax.

  • Santorum carries Campbell

     Campbell County voters mirrored fellow Tennessee residents as they propelled Rick Santorum to a strong victory Tuesday over rival Mitt Romney with 38.9 percent of the vote.

     Romney, the front runner for the Republican nomination for president, finished second with 28.6 percent followed by Newt Gingrich with 23 percent. Ron Paul won 7.4 percent.

  • Historic date nears for Civil War era Company F

     Saturday marks the 150th anniversary of the formation of Company F.

    On March 10, 1862, Company F, part of the Sixth Tennessee Infantry, mustered at Boston, Ky., according to Tennesseans in the Civil War. 

  • Voters question spenders

     Voters leaving the polls on Tuesday evening, expressed an array of feelings toward the proposed sales tax increase. 

    Some were strongly against raising sales tax, to fix the roads. 

  • Voters say no to sales tax increase

     The voters of Campbell County delivered an emphatic ‘no’ to a sales tax increase.

  • Sales tax defeated

    With all of the votes counted the sales tax referendum appears to be defeated.

    Campbell County saw 3,882 voters head to the polls under a blue sky.  Of these voters 3,511 cast a vote on what had become a hot button topic. At the end of the evening 1,214 people had agreed to enact the .05 precent tax while 2,297 had voted against it.

    For more in- depth coverage of the election see Thursday's LaFollette Press.

  • Jellico Electric and Water System renews policy

     Jellico Electric and Water System has crafted an insurance policy to help employees meet medical deductibles.

  • Vanderbilt nurses visit Jellico

     Zumba and story time are coming to Jellico’s Public Library again as nurses from Vanderbilt University will visit for a third year in a row.

    “We’re just so lucky to have them,” library director Mark Tidwell said.

  • The Civil War leaves 150-year-old legacy

     The Civil War was in full swing 150 years ago. Though Tennessee voted to secede in June of 1861, many men from Campbell County went to fight for the Union.

    Only 25 percent of Campbell County supported secession according to the East Tennessee Historical Society.

  • War tore families apart

     The conflict during the Civil War cut closer than state or even county borders. When people chose sides, it created rifts in friendships that would outlast the war. This was a harsh reality in East Tennessee, where many disagreed with Nashville’s decision to secede.