Local News

  • Pack pleads to charges

    Settling cases that were three years old and less, Russell Pack is now on six years of probation.

    Last week, Pack agreed he was guilty of theft under $500, promotion of methamphetamine manufacture, possession of marijuana and failing to appear in court.

    After he entered his guilty plea to the myriad of charges, Pack was sentenced to six years of supervised probation. He is also responsible for his court costs.

  • Pleas resolve criminal cases

    The following cases were resolved last week in criminal court with plea agreements:

    *Paul Allen Blevins- felony escape; one year to serve with credit for time served, court costs

    *Keith Allen Wallace- DUI, violation of the HMVO; 10 days to serve with credit for three days, community corrections, courts costs, $350 fine

    *Reginald David Anderson- initiation of the process to manufacture methamphetamine; eight years probation with jail credit for time served, court costs, $2,500 fine

  • Kitts pleads; sentencing set for September

    A man looking at six criminal charges will have to wait for sentencing.

    Last week, Joseph Ted Kitts agreed he was guilty of aggravated burglary, theft over $60,000, criminal simulation, possession of meth and oxycontin for resale and possession of weapon in the commission of a dangerous felony.

    Initially, he had been charged with 10 crimes. However, prosecutors moved to dismiss a firearms charge, a drug paraphernalia charge, and two possession of a controlled substance for resale charge, according to court records.

  • CACC to start new year with new leadership

    When Donnie Poston was hired as Campbell County’s director of schools in April the Christian Academy of Campbell County found itself in transition.

    With just a little more than a month left in the school year veteran CACC teacher Ollie Medley stepped up to fill in some of the administrative gaps left by Poston’s departure.

    Now armed the support of the board of directors and the teachers, many of whom she has taught alongside for years, Medley is making the leap from second grade teacher to CACC head master.

  • Mort arrested on multiple charges

    A traffic accident led to an arrest in Newcomb last Friday.

    Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Marlow went to check out reports of a wreck on Highway 297 in Newcomb when he found Tina Diana Mort, 31, of 1651 Keswick Ridge Road, Williamsburg.

    When Marlow attempted to speak with Mort she was allegedly unable to tell him the date or the time.

  • Meth arrests keep officers busy

    Meth arrests kept officers hopping during the weekend.

    On Friday LaFollette Police Officer Charles Duff allegedly attempted to stop and question Timothy Lee Berry, 25, of 1208 West Forrest Street, about a burglary call in the area.

  • Woman arrested for identity theft

     On Saturday, Detective Sergeant Freddy Walker with the Caryville Police Department went to a woman’s house to investigate a complaint her debit card had been stolen.

    The victim told Walker she had let Kelli Davison stay at her house for a few days, Walker said in his report.

    On Saturday morning, when the victim checked the balance on her card, she noticed charges she did not put on the card, the report said. These charges began on Friday, July 29, the same day Davison allegedly left her house.

  • Man dies after being struck by train

    A LaFollette man met his end early Monday morning.

    According to information from the LaFollette Police Department, officers were dispatched to Gibson Lane after receiving a call that a pedestrian had been struck by a train.

    At the scene CSX Railroad employees notified authorities that the man identified as 57-year-old Ray Pennington was walking on the track when he was hit by the train.

    Pennington was transported to St. Mary’s of Campbell County where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

  • Projector found at Jellico Elementary School allows footage on old films to be viewed

     Interest in Jellico’s past has been sparked by two copies of a 1970s film, “Jellico: Rebirth of a Community.”

    One copy was found in the local planning office, and the other in a safe at the Jellico Municipal building. Both copies have been in the care of Jellico Public Library Director Mark Tidwell. Tidwell could only speculate as to what secrets the footage contained as he waited for a projector to emerge. Last Thursday that changed with a couple of phone calls.

  • Irwin arrested on meth charges

    A case that began in Scott County resulted in an arrest for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department on Monday.

    Detective Lt. Brandon Elkins and Detective Sgt. John Long went to 110 Fellowship Lane, Caryville to assist Scott County detectives in an ongoing investigation into a meth lab allegedly located in the Stoney Fork community.

    After it was determined the lab was located inside Campbell County Elkins and Long located the basic items needed to manufacture meth outside the house. A child was also found at the residence.