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  • Alleged Shanghai thieves nabbed


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    A local marina celebrated the holidays with a Christmas break-in.

  • Four arrested on meth charges


  • Federal court says no to Jennings; suit back in circuit court

    After nearly two years of wading through legal channels former LaFollette mayor Cliff Jennings got an answer from federal court in his $1.3 million suit against the city.

    In February 2009 Jennings filed a complaint alleging his pension and health benefits were terminated by the city and those acting on its behalf.  He was not given forewarning of this nor was he allowed to be heard on the matter, the lawsuit said.

  • Burned out headlight leads to arrest

    A simple traffic infraction led to more serious charges for a LaFollette woman last Thursday.

    LaFollette Police Officer Justin Parrott reported observing Sabrina Leann Brown, 22, of 2536 South Highway 25W, traveling west on West Central Avenue with a burned out headlight.

    During the traffic stop Brown informed Parrott she could not roll down her window. After being instructed to open her door Parrott’s report indicates he was allegedly able to see two hypodermic needles in plain view in the driver’s side door panel.

  • Caryville sets the rules for liquor sales

    A lengthy workshop gave way to progress Monday night as the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen hammered out the details of a new liquor ordinance.

    Liquor by the drink and package stores passed in the November 2010 election. After the vote town leaders estimated liquor ordinances would go into effect after January. Items agreed on at the workshop included the number of liquor stores that would be permitted, residency requirements for applicants and an inspection fee percentage.

  • Baird brothers to be honored with Good Scout award

    Outstanding citizens abound in Campbell County.  And while the good deeds of these often unsung heroes are sometimes overshadowed by reports of high crime and other unsettling news the local Boy Scouts organization is doing its part to bring their accomplishments to the forefront.

    On Feb. 1 the Boy Scouts will host the fourth annual Campbell County Good Scout award dinner.

    Following in the footsteps of previous recipients Ed Balloff, Juanita Baird and Col. Tom Stiner the 20011 honorees are six brothers who served their country in times of war.

  • McAffee sets trial date for county’s suit



    #1 pic- David Dunaway hands Judge John McAffee a law book he had been referring to during the hearing.


    #2 pic-   .






    A case with two sets of issues in play has been set for trial.

  • Court orders dog be euthanized

    A dog accused of attacking an 8-year-old girl has been given a death sentence.

    On Monday Circuit Court Judge John McAffee ruled the female pit bull constituted a danger to the community. He then issued an order to have the dog euthanized.

  • Utility companies approve wholesale rate change

    LaFollette Utilities has little control over the TVA rate change effective April 1. The nearly flat time-of-use wholesale rate change will replace the end use rate structure used since 1992.

    “This is not a local decision,” said LaFollette Utilities General Manager Kenny Baird. “This is TVA generated.”

  • Country music festival headed this way

    A festival drawing a possible crowd of over 10,000 people is coming to the shores of Norris Lake this May.

    SuperTwang is a festival with southern personality, according to its producers.

    Festival Producer of United Festival Company Hal Royce has been searching for a venue in Tennessee to plan a large rustic style country music festival for over 20 years.

    His search finally ended in Claiborne County.