Local News

  • Fire marshal visit leaves board of education with work to do

    A recent visit from the state fire marshal has proven to be quite costly for the Campbell County Board of Education.

    During Tuesday evening’s board meeting Dr. Michael Martin, director of schools, informed board members of the news the evaluation completed by the fire marshal didn’t bode well.

     Of the county’s school facilities, the fire marshal found a number of violations that will require attention- some immediately.

  • House of Hope among those asking for funds

    The commission’s budget and finance committee was able to pass February’s budget amendments with relative ease Monday night.

    Deciding which community groups are worthy of the county’s financial support will likely prove to be more of a challenge.

    During the hour long meeting representatives from two separate groups appeared before commissioners to appeal for funding for their causes.

  • Jennings sues LaFollette; wants $1.3 million

    Not being in an elected office isn’t keeping one time Mayor Cliff Jennings out of the spotlight.

    Last week he filed a $1.3 million lawsuit against his former employer, the city of LaFollette.

    In the complaint, Jennings alleged that in January his pension and health benefits were terminated by the city and those acting on its behalf. He was not given forewarning of this nor was he allowed to be heard on the matter, the lawsuit said.

  • Louie Bluie Festival board seeks sponsors

    Several volunteers with the Louie Bluie Festival planning board addressed the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday seeking support for this year’s festival.

     “We are going to be back again this year and we are going to be bigger than we’ve been so far,” said festival board member Jocelyn Griffo. “I don’t think there is any argument that Caryville gets the biggest benefit out of this festival.”

  • Meth lab component found at White Bridge

    Meth lab components were discovered at the Campbell County White Bridge over the weekend.

    A call alerted police to the remnants of a lab on the far end of the park area on Sunday, according to Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins,

    The find was considered a dumpsite of the complete lab components. Detective Jimmy Jeffries and officer Jason Heatherly reported to the scene prior to the clean up.

    The clean up of the bottles and tubes took about four hours, said Detective Josh Goins,

  • Meth cooks to serve time

    Three of five people arrested in one of the largest labs seized by LaFollette Police have plead guilty.

    Last week, Greg E. Smith, Mary Albright and Shelia Riggs agreed to pleas that put them behind bars.

    Smith will serve the longest sentence netting six years for his part in the lab, his plea agreement said.

    After pleading guilty to the sole count of the attempted initiation of manufacturing meth, Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton told the 31- year-old his next six years would be spent in jail. Smith has been in jail since his arrest last month.

  • County officer assaulted during complaint call

    Sheriff’s department officers were caught off guard when a man grabbed the shirt of an officer in protest to being arrested during a response call to a LaFollette residence on Saturday.

    The incident occurred when officers responded to a complaint about narcotics being sold out of house last Saturday around 5:30 p.m., according to Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins,

    Incoming complainants stated the defendant was allegedly delivering drugs along the street on a four-wheeler, said Detective Josh Goins,

  • Campbell County Rural Fire Service provides fire safety training to CCHS

    It got a little hot at Campbell County High School last Friday when students received fire safety training from the Campbell County Rural Fire Service (CCRFS.)

    Students from Vocational Teachers Barney Goins’, David Miller’s, John Rhea’s and Teresa Gross’s classes received a demonstration and practical training in using a fire extinguisher.  

  • Caryville board has revenue increase, discusses lengthy agenda

    Caryville city officials were surprised at the upturn in revenues during the Monday night meeting when Alderwoman Vickie Heatherly read the town’s financial statement.

    According to Heatherly, the town had an increase in revenues compared to last year.

    January revenues were $83,580 and the expenditures were $86,950. The total bank balance was $104,953.

  • Humphery’s plea nets jail time

    After pleading guilty to multiple charges, Joshua Humphrey will not only spend time behind bars, he will be on probation.

    The sentence for two counts of aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, theft over $1,000 and illegal possession of big game was handed down last week in criminal court.

    Following six months behind bars, Humphrey will be on probation for eight years also being provided with the judicial diversion option, his plea agreement said. He will also pay court costs and nearly $7,000 in restitution.