Local News

  • Pediatric Consultants moves to keep growing

    The growing process can be painful at times. However, it can also open new doors.

    That is what it has done for Pediatric Consultants. In fact, the recent growth of the clinic has opened five new doors- to additional exam rooms.

    Earlier this week, the clinic celebrated its first day of business at its new location. Over the weekend, Dr. Shahid Hasnain and his staff worked to transfer equipment, records, and other items to their new home located at 136 Mountain Perkins Lane, Suite 2, Jacksboro.

    Their efforts were a labor of love.

  • Ten years given for arson crime

    A man charged with burning a barn and the liability for physical injuries the owner suffered has been sentenced to prison.

    In December 2007, David Gross went into a barn belonging to J.C. Williams. As he went into the wooden structure that was filled with hay, he was smoking, previous reports said.

    Later, as he exited the barn, Gross turned and noticed a blaze has started in the spot he was standing in.

    Within minutes, Williams received a call from his neighbor with news that his barn was on fire.

  • Huckaby sentenced to prison for meth crimes

    It only took Michael Todd Huckaby four months to rack up nearly 20 meth related charges late last year. However, it is going to take him over 20 times longer to pay for those crimes.

    On Monday Huckaby, who was still being held in jail after his last arrest, appeared in court.

    After entering his guilty plea to a majority of the crimes Huckaby waived the opportunity for a presentencing investigation to be conducted on his behalf.

  • Jeffers twin sentenced for day of crime

    Twins Ronnie and Donnie Jeffers now have more than a birthday in common- they have matching sentences after Monday’s session of criminal court.

    Appearing in court on theft and burglary charges, the duo was sentenced to four months in jail along with four years probation.

    They were also ordered by Judge Shayne Sexton to pay court costs, $75 fines and $1,250 in restitution each, the plea agreements said.

  • Kennedy doesn’t see break; will serve time consecutively

    After serving less than two weeks, Robert Kennedy is asking his sentence for criminally negligent homicide be amended.

    In January, he was sentenced to serve 109 days behind bars for the death of his stepdaughter, Brittany Gardener.

    The girl died when she fell from a vehicle being driven by Kennedy.

    She was 9- years- old at the time.

    Appearing in court Monday, shackled at his feet and hands, Kennedy asked the court to let him serve his sentence on weekends.

    His reason was he had a job and needed to be there during the week.

  • New LaFollette Library looms on the horizon



    It may be cramped quarters, but LaFollette Library Director Nancy Green has made space available for over 100 patrons on a daily basis at the city facility.

    Now, according to Green, plans for a new library have been set in motion.

  • Nepotism policy is shared by many municipalities



    A nepotism ordinance passed by the city of LaFollette with three votes has been changed to exclude the mayor and council.

    At the Tuesday night meeting Mayor Mike Stanfield read the ordinance, with the change.

    “We discussed changing the policy to delete mayor and council,” said Stanfield prior to reading the ordinance.

  • White sends official grievance to mayor and council


    In a official grievance dated Jan. 27, LaFollette City Recorder Linda White has outlined several issues concerning her job requirements and made several allegations toward City Administrator David Young.

  • Homeless results show increase from last year



    In 24 hours last Thursday, Phyllis Clingner estimated the homeless population in Campbell County to be just under 100 people.

    With the help of churches, charitable organizations and the LaFollette Housing Authority the estimated homeless is 97 men, woman and children without a place to call home.

  • Wilson arrested after siphoning money from employer



    A slow depletion of funds from a local construction company led supervisors to question bookkeeper Tracey Lynn Tackett-Wilson, 23, of LaFollette.

    According to Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins, the supervisors of the construction company brought the case to the sheriff’s department seeking action.