Local News

  • Copper theft causes blackout in the mountains

    Mountain residents living in Eagan, Pruden and Clairfield found themselves without power Sunday night after believed copper thieves cut a utility pole with an ax in the Sweet Gum Flats area.

    “They got up there, took an ax and cut the pole down and stole anywhere from 500 to 700 feet of wire,” said LaFollette Utilities Manager Kenny Baird.

  • Jellico board to reestablish city court

    After a long and costly wait, the city of Jellico will finally have a city court system once again.

    At the Jellico special called meeting on Tuesday night, the mayor and aldermen voted on a resolution to establish a city court system once again. The city has been without a court for around two years while the case was tied up in the state court of appeals.

    After the court of appeals ruling, former City Judge Don Moses had until March 26 to file an appeal with the Supreme Court system, but he did not, leaving the way open for Jellico to re-establish the city court.

  • Corner Market under new onwership; sees remodel

    A long time business in LaFollette has seen a face lift and a few changes after coming under new ownership.

    Father and son, Mike and Chad Nelson, purchased the Corner Market two months ago, hoping to try their hand at the store and deli business.

    Formerly concrete workers, the Nelsons said they wanted to try something different and had always been fascinated by the long-standing history of the Corner Market.

    The market has been a staple in the LaFollette area for 60-plus years, according to Chad Nelson.

  • Window tinting business opens in LaFollette

    Terry Ogg has opened his own window tinting and automotive accessory business in LaFollette. Ogg has been in the window tint trade for 27 years and describes it as his “natural trade.” After starting his own business at the age of 17, Ogg then went on to be a General Motors Plant Manager for factory window tinting. Now that he has his own business once again, Ogg said his main goal is to make tinting and automotive accessories affordable for people in Campbell County. Ogg is an East Tennessee wholesaler for auto, residential and commercial tint.

  • Chlorine leak resolved at Jellico water system

    The chemical is used at the utility to kill bacteria in the water and is released from a tank into the water by a regulator.

    The regulator on the tank malfunctioned when no one was present at the lab, according to Jellico Utility General Manager Mike Bethurem.

    Though the chemical was leaking for less than 24 hours inside the building which houses the chlorine tank, it was enough time for the gas to be sucked into an air conditioning system and dispersed into the lab, said Bethurem.

  • Hobo dinner set to benefit LaFollette Library

    The Friends of the Library are not setting out to feed the hungry with a hobo dinner on April 5. Instead they are setting out to make some money for the building of a new LaFollette Library.

    Eunice Reynolds, Friends of the Library board secretary, expects a large turnout at the dinner because so many people stand to benefit from a new library, she said.

    The dinner, offered from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the new LaFollette Elementary School, will offer a full meal of country cooking.

  • LaFollette Civil War site receives marker

    Some things are worth the wait, and after nearly a year’s worth of efforts, the Big Creek Gap Civil War site received a historic marker yesterday.

    Through the Civil War Trails program, and with efforts from local citizens such as Bill Claiborne, the valuable historic site will finally receive the recognition it deserves.

    The Civil War Trails program is a multi-state program that identifies, interprets, and creates driving tours of both the great campaigns and the lesser know Civil War sites, according to Director of the Civil War Trails program, Mitch Bowman.

  • Two arrested for meth manufacture

    A pillow in the back window of a swerving car was only the first sign for deputy Jeremy Myers to make a traffic stop off of Towe String Road.

    John Charles Riggs, 35, of Jacksboro, was sitting in the driver’s seat and acting strangely as the deputy approached, said Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins.

    Riggs allegedly told Myers there was no narcotics in the vehicle and gave permission to search, said Perkins.

    The search revealed a container of drug paraphernalia and several items used to manufacture methamphetamine, according to Perkins.

  • LUB extends Baird's contract: adopts new policy

    At Monday night’s LaFollette Utilities Board meeting, LUB General Manager Kenny Baird’s contract came up for review. Board members discussed Baird’s performance as a manager and decided to extend his contract by one year.

    “He’s well respected in the region and I think we should hold on to him as long as we can,” said Howard St. James.

    “I personally feel like the utility is one of the best run entities in LaFollette,” said board member Ken Younce.

  • East Tennessee Quality Growth: looks ahead for the future

    In a world constantly changing and growing, many counties in East Tennessee are beginning to map out a plan for the future; a plan known as quality growth.

    East Tennessee Quality Growth is a new program encompassing the 16 county region that comprises East Tennessee.

    Bill Claiborne and Fred Cole are Campbell County’s representatives on the board.

    After attending a regional workshop to launch the program, Claiborne and Cole brought ideas back to the county in the hopes of spreading the importance of quality growth.