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  • Jellico Utility handles lengthy agenda



    While state confirmation on a sewer project has not yet been received, the Jellico Electric and Water Board approved Hurst Excavating as the lowest engineering bidder for the project.

    “We do anticipate that they will be approved,” said Utility General Manager Mike Bethurem. “You can either hold off and we can have a special call meeting to approve it once we get state approval or you can approve it contingent on state approval of the bidder.”

  • Gaylor chooses a plea over a trial

    For a case that has had more turns than the mountain it began on, the homicide case of Jonathan Pierce took another twist Monday.

    Less than 24 hours before Travis Gaylor’s first-degree murder trial in Pierce’s death was to begin, it was called off. Gaylor had chose not take his chances with a jury opting instead for a plea.

    During the afternoon session of criminal court he plead guilty to second-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery

  • LaFollette residents oppose House of Hope location

    LaFollette residents appealed to their city council on Monday night to protest the proposed sight of a temporary house for victims of domestic violence.

    “Good evening gentlemen, me and my group are here for one thing,” said LaFollette citizen Connie Pelizzari. “We are not opposed to the House of Hope, we love those people, we support those people. But we are here to discuss the pending location that they wish to move to. We do not believe this is a safe location for the victims of domestic violence.”

  • Pack granted bond reduction

    While facing additional charges, Phillip Pack used his day in court to request a reduction in his bail.

    Pack and his brother, Russell Pack, are being held on second-degree murder charges in the death of Jayne Love.

    On Monday, Phillip Pack appeared in criminal court for arraignment on narcotics possession and meth charges.

    After pleading not guilty to those, Judge Shayne Sexton allowed Pack’s bond reduction motion to be heard.

  • Couple marries grocery aisle

    For Diana Carroll and Wayne Huckaby it’s not where you marry as long as you do it for love.

    On Friday, Huckaby and Carroll were married in the Save-A-Lot grocery store stock room.

    Friends, family, cases of Ramon Noodles, mayonnaise and canned beans surrounded them as they took the vows to love, honor and cherish one another.

    Carroll is a cashier at the store and Huckaby is a manager in the meat department. They met over a year ago when Carroll started working at the grocery store.

  • Mongar to serve time for January crimes

    A woman who attempted to evade police after a shoplifting incident was sentenced for those crimes on Monday.

    Leanna M. Mongar plead guilty to vandalism under $500, theft under $500, evading arrest and felony evading arrest on Monday morning.

    Mongar also plead guilty to violating her probation.

    She was sentenced to serve 11 months and 29 days on the first three charges and one year on the felony charge, the plea agreement said. Mongar was told by Judge Shayne Sexton her time would be served concurrently.

  • Local doctor sued for millions

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  • Potter’s legal woes continue to pile up

  • Drug possession and public intoxication are the theme

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  • Reagan Day dinner deemed a success