Today's News

  • County budget nearly finalized

    JACKSBORO—The Campbell County Budget and Finance Committee approved all county funds—excluding those related to the school system. The budget currently contains no tax increases or cuts to personnel.
    The panel approved three funds at a June 20 meeting—the county general fund and the funds for long-term and short-term projects.
    Seven funds—the sanitation fund, ambulance fund, industrial development fund, retiree medical insurance fund, drug fund, highway department fund and general debt service fund—were approved at an earlier meeting.

  • Toys for Tots begins planning

    LaFOLLETTE—Tuesday, Toys for Tots Coordinator Debi Mikesell held a meeting to begin planning for the 2013 Toys for Tots campaign.
    Several ideas for fundraising were discussed to meet the $30,000 goal, but two events are already planned—Union Bank’s Cruzin’ for Tots at Veterans’ Park on Aug. 10 and the Campbell County Honor Guard’s Road Block on Sept. 7.
    To find out more about Toys for Tots, check out the Facebook page, Campbell County Toys for Tots.

  • Trip to comptroller postponed

    JELLICO—The Board of Mayor and Alderman need not pack its bags just yet; the meeting with the comptroller’s office in Nashville has been postponed.
    On June 14, Mayor Les Stiers and the board members received a scathing letter from the comptroller informing them they must raise taxes and finalize a budget.
    “If you do not adopt a budget and tax rate, I will submit a budget and tax rate for you,” wrote Comptroller Justin P. Wilson.
    Town officials were summoned to appear before the comptroller on June 26.

  • Town recorder candidate withdraws

    JELLICO—The town will still need a recorder after court clerk Jackie Richardson pulled her name from the running.
    During a June 17 workshop, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen contemplated having Richardson serve as both court clerk and town recorder to save some money.
    On June 20, the discussion came up for a vote.
    Richardson stipulated she would take the job if she started at $17.50 per hour and would be eligible for a raise after completing the 11-month certified municipal finance officer training course.

  • 2 nabbed on drug charges in Jellico

    JELLICO—Jellico police arrested two individuals on unrelated drug charges last week.
    Ami Lynn Phillips Kellogg, 284 S. Walnut St., Jellico, was arrested after JPD Det. Jeff Ivey investigated several complaints from residents about illegal drug sales near Kellogg’s home. In May, the Campbell County Grand Jury issued a bench warrant that included a $100,000 bond. The indictment included four counts of sale and delivery for the sale and delivery of a schedule II drug.

  • Man arrested after clocked speeding 100mph in 45mph zone

    JELLICO—A Jellico man was booked into the Campbell County Jail after police said he sped through town at speeds in excess of 100 m.p.h.
    Officer Joseph Hopson was on patrol in the early morning hours of June 14 when he reportedly saw a vehicle make an illegal U-turn near Creekmore-Housely Drive. Hopson reportedly recognized the defendant as George Clayton Douglas, 42, 1349 Greenlee Lane, and had prior knowledge Douglas’s driver’s license was allegedly revoked.

  • Adult ed supervisor sues BOE, board member for $1.5M

    JACKSBORO—Campbell County’s Board of Education and one of its members have been named in a lawsuit by adult education supervisor Rita Goins.
    The suit alleges Eugene Lawson harassed Goins beginning July 30, 2012, and continuing through 2013. It was unclear if the harassment is still happening today.
    On July 30, 2012, Goins learned Lawson had been allegedly making false statements about her performance “in a continuing pattern of intimidating, bullying and otherwise berating the plaintiff,” according to the suit.

  • Law enforcement launches sting to collect unpaid child support
  • Trooper hit by trucker on I-75

    PIONEER —A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer is recovering after he was struck while working a vehicle fire near the 152 mile marker on Interstate 75 on Sunday.
    Trooper Joe Lindsay suffered a fractured vertebrae, fractured rib and arm injuries when a tractor-trailer struck his patrol car and then a tow truck. Lindsay reportedly had his emergency lights on during the incident.
    The truck driver, Steward Snedeker, left the scene, but was detained at exit 141 by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department.

  • On porches and popsicles


    There’s just something about putting in a hard day’s work that makes a man sleep better at night.

    And when you build a porch from scratch, you sleep like a baby.

    We have officially dove headfirst into home improvement projects lately, considering trips to Lowe’s with its car buggies “fun for the whole family.”

    And who knew you could cram 1x4 boards into the floorboard of a minivan?

    You learn something new every day.

    And so it began.