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  • Son, mother plead not guilty to rape of Indiana teenager

     A son and mother who allegedly took a teenager from her Indiana home earlier this month, pleaded not guilty Monday to aggravated statutory rape charges. 

    James Slagle was arrested March 6 at the South 17th Street home where he lived with his mother, Debra Saunders, after police learned a 17-year-old female from Indiana was at the residence, according to the police report.

  • Whaley, relay teams highlight Jacksboro


    David Whaley had never participated in high jump during a track meet.

    He didn’t have the proper technique of arching your back over the bar, nor did he know if he would clear a bar or not.

    However, it all worked out, as the newly turned high jumper cleared the 5-foot mark, which was good enough for first place in the Anderson County meet last Thursday night.

    “I was just hoping that I would make it and get over it,” Whaley said with a smile. “I was just praying to get over it.

  • POLICE: Man stashed $30k in coffee cans; drugs found in pickle and Mason jars

     Operation Spring Cleaning was in the works for a year when it culminated Monday with the arrest of nearly 40 people — including one man who allegedly buried more than $30,000 in coffee cans and hid marijuana in various pickle and Mason jars. 

    “Through a series of strategic undercover narcotics buys and on-going undercover investigations we were able to obtain 63 indictments from the grand jury,” said Sheriff Robbie Goins. “All that was left was to start making the arrests.”

  • Sluggish hitting slows middle school Cougars


    In the bottom of the second inning, the Campbell County middle school baseball team found itself in good position.

    With no outs on the board, the Cougars had loaded the bases, as they trailed 4-1.

    However, a lineout, strikeout, and a groundout to the pitchers sealed the inning, as Campbell County came away without a run.

  • New award to honor Carl Rutherford


    The Campbell County Youth Basketball Association plans to introduce the Carl Rutherford Award in honor of a former coach.

    “Carl has been involved in youth basketball for many years,” LaFollette Recreation Department Head Johnny Byrge said.

  • Brackets falling fast in Madness

    March Madness can only be described as one thing.


    I could have easily written a three-word column, simply saying, “I hate bracketology.”

    I mean, really, who saw Harvard winning?

    Although that was probably the most shocking of them all, others are quickly climbing the list.

    Three 12 seeds up set fives, while No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast has run the table to reach the Sweet Sixteen!

    Personally, two of my final four went out in the first round.

  • Sports News 3-28-13

    Middle School Track

    The Jacksboro Eagles and the LaFollette Owls track teams will host a meet at Campbell County High School tonight, Thursday, March 28. The meet is slated for 4:30 p.m., as Robertsville, Jefferson, Maryville, Lenoir City and North middle schools will be in attendance.

    Jellico High School Softball

  • Katelyn Norman air-lifted to Children's Hospital of East Tennessee

    Katelyn Norman, who is struggling with cancer, has been air-lifted to Children's Hospital of East Tennessee.

    "Light the Night for Kate" is still slated to go on as planned, according to the Campbell County Sheriff's Department. We'll update with more information as it becomes available.

  • Jellico gives up right-of-ways

     JELLICO—Officials here abandoned two right-of-ways and another is on the chopping block.

    Davant Street between Sunset Trail and S. Queener Avenue and Fifth Avenue between S. Main Street and Hurst Avenue have been relinquished to the adjoining property owners. 

  • Out of the shadows: Group hopes to heal victims of domestic violence

     The Family Services Center offers a support group for victims of domestic violence. The program is aimed to educate and help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or dating violence.

    “What we’re hoping to offer for the victims,” Nancy Morton-Bright said. “(Is) education for the victims, information, resources and support.”

    Morton-Bright, a trained crises advocate with the family services center, will lead the group.