Today's News

  • School system losing $60,000 in cafeteria sales

    The school system has lost $60,000 in cafeteria sales.
    Revenue is down because fewer students are buying lunches, and the cost for food is higher, according to a budget amendment the budget and finance committee considered Monday night.
    “Our new meal regulations have us serving more fruits and vegetables,” Campbell County School Nutrition Supervisor Vickie Woodard said Wednesday. “Our intent is to teach children to choose healthy foods so it will improve their life to be healthier.”

  • Disciple Now to bring area churches and youth together for a weekend of worship, mission work

    This month, over 200 teenagers will gather at LaFollette Church of God for the second annual Disciple Now event. The youth will come from several churches of different denominations.
    “I’m just very excited about the opportunity to get together,” said Shane Carney, youth leader at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church. “With all these churches coming together from different denominations, it’s going to be a great time in the Lord.”

  • Caryville board paves way for business expansion, alderman resigns

    ProImage has the go-ahead to expand after Caryville’s Board of Mayor and Alderman approved abandoning part of a road to make way for the expansion of its business at the John McGhee Industrial Park.

    “I've been in contact with PRO Image who is at our other industrial park,” said Alderperson Vickie Heatherly. “They wanted to expand and that would bring about 25 more employees.”

    Mayor Chris Stanley said Pro Image could eventually add two to three more buildings and as many as 100 jobs.

  • CC Honor Guard provides military funerals for local veterans

    The Campbell County Honor Guard provides local veterans with full military funerals. The CCHG provides this service for veterans in Campbell County, Scott County, Claiborne County and Anderson County. Some funerals have been provided for veterans in Kentucky as well, CCHG Commander Dr. Don Chadwick said.
    The CCHG is one of few full-dress military honor guards in Tennessee consisting of volunteers, Campbell County Veterans Affairs Office Director Kevin Walden said.

  • Caryville mayor pushes for college-educated officers, workshop planned

    Caryville Mayor Chris Stanley asked for the board’s thoughts on hiring an officer without POST training when the applicant has other college experience.

    “We have had some unusual applications that almost exceed what we are asking for here in the city. We do have people starting to apply now that has criminal justice degree but does not have the training,” Stanley said during the meeting Monday.

    In order to become POST certified, individuals must attend the police academy and then take further exams to earn the POST certificate.

  • CC Honor Guard to be honored with Good Scout Award

    The Campbell County Honor Guard will be recognized at the sixth annual Boy Scouts of America’s Campbell County Good Scout Award Dinner.
    Almost everyone in the community has attended military funerals the honor guard has been involved with, Dinner Chairman Logan Hickman said.
    “They are an extremely dedicated group,” Hickman said.

  • Five convenience center workers laid off Monday

    Five Campbell County Environmental Services employees were laid off Monday. A reduction in the operation hours at convenience centers across the county, except the Towe String Road center, brought the layoffs.
    Previously, convenience centers operated 10 hours a day, seven days a week. Convenience centers will now be closed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. However, they will remain open for 10 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Campbell County Finance Director Jeff Marlow said.

  • Board of Ed approves reading curriculum, summer feeding program

    If not for a mid-meeting, 45-minute executive session, the Campbell County Board of Education meeting would have taken less than an hour.

    The board met in its entirety with attorney Dail Cantrell and secondary education supervisor Larry Nidifer. Eventually, both Nidifer and director of schools Donnie Poston left the session.

    The board breezed through its other business.


    Three students won an iPad from Trane after their sticker designs were chosen to appear on their school’s light switch plates.

  • Walden wants to let citizens speak at meetings

    At Monday’s workshop, commissioner Bob Walden proposed allowing citizens a chance to speak during the regular commission meetings. There is currently a time where people are allowed to address the commission at the beginning of each commission’s workshop. However, no time exists during regular meetings. Walden wants to make this change to allow people to address issues commissioners discuss during the workshop. Because citizens speak before the workshop begins, they aren’t allowed to give their input on those issues, Walden said

  • Camp Galilee to host scrapbooking retreat

    Galilee Bible Camp will host scrapbooking retreat this weekend.
    The purpose of the retreat is to be a ministry to Christians and an outreach to people who don’t attend church, said Becky Fladie, coordinator for the event.
    The retreat is “a comfortable place for people who don’t come to church, but we try to encourage Christians who are there,” Fladie said.
    Camp Galilee hosts a scrapbooking retreat in the fall and the spring.