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  • Jacksboro and Caryville police make drug arrest

    William Scott Lobertini, 32, of 409 Fourth Street, LaFollette, was arrested Saturday night, after a Caryville Police Officer witnessed his illegal activities.

    Caryville Officer Wes Mongar said he received a call from the maintenance man of a local motel, reporting that he smelled marijuana. When Mongar went to Loberttini’s motel room he said he smelled marijuana as well. He then allegedly observed Lobertini heating up a substance on a spoon, through the motel window, according to Mongar’s report.

  • Williamsburg man arrested on meth and evading arrest charges

    A Williamsburg man found he could run but not hide from the Jellico Police.

    Danny Ray Osborne, 36, of 25 Kensee Hollow Road, Williamsburg, Ky., was arrested on June 15, as a result of a concerned citizen informing Jellico Police Officer Susan Sowders that he was allegedly selling meth in the area, according to the police report.

    When Sowders approached Osborne to speak with him, he ran and was eventually found hiding in Garden Apartments, according to the police report.

  • Brown nets probation for crimes

    Madonna Brown may have eluded police for two months, but she didn’t dodge the consequences for that in court Monday.

    Appearing in criminal court, Brown plead guilty to six crimes that spanned a two month period from earlier this year.

    Brown agreed she was guilty of three counts of forgery, theft under $500, felony evading arrest and driving on a revoked license.

    For this she was placed on probation for four years. Brown was also ordered by the court to pay court costs, along with fines and restitution totaling over $1,800, the plea agreement said.

  • Kidnappers confess to crimes

    Two of four men charged with the December crime of assaulting a man in his home and putting him in the closet while they pilfered his belongings have opted for a plea.

    Michael Goins and Roger Wilson appeared in criminal court Monday to admit their guilt.

    Both men agreed they had committed kidnapping, robbery and aggravated burglary.

    Goins, a 19 year old who came to court in shorts and flip-flops, was sentenced to one year of split confinement, He was given credit for the time he has already served behind bars, the plea form said.

  • Humane Society receives $10,000 grant

    Two months ago Darlene Boyd, vice president of the Humane Society, submitted a grant requesting $10,000 to assist with the spaying and neutering of dogs. With this grant now in effect, along with the help Dr. Mark B. Garrett, DVM, getting a dog spayed or neutered will cost a mere $10 at the Animal Hospital of LaFollette.

    This is available to any resident of Campbell County, but will not cover dogs from the animal shelter or rescue organizations or cats, Boyd said.

  • Alleged offender doesn't go quietly or clothed

    When the sheriff’s department was dispatched to Wooldridge Pike to investigate a reported vehicle fire a car wasn’t the only thing they found lit up.

    Upon arrival deputy Jeffrey S. Ivey discovered the fire had been extinguished but the car abandoned. The driver, Carl E. Anderson, 53, of 1475 Doc Siler Road, Williamsburg, Ky, was allegedly found unsteadily walking down the road with an aroma of alcohol and displaying slurred speech.

  • Ivey arrested on variety of charges

    Authorities finally caught up with a LaFollette man wanted for burglary and theft among other charges.

    On May 29 LaFollette Police Officer Stephen Wallen responded to the report of a domestic dispute at a South 8th Street address.

    At the scene victims told Wallen while they were sleeping Homer Samuel Ivey, 41, of 1036 Glade Springs Road, kicked open the front door causing damage to the door, lock and door jamb.

    Upon entering the house, Ivey allegedly went to the bedroom where the victims were sleeping and assaulted both with blows to the head and body.

  • Lloyd racks up charges in high speed chase

    An attempted traffic stop for a burned out headlight and taillight turned into a high speed chase through the city of LaFollette last Sunday.

    While on patrol LaFollette Police Officer Ronald Halcomb observed a truck traveling east bound on Jacksboro Pike with only one operational headlight and taillight.  

    When Halcomb attempted to initiate a traffic stop the vehicle driven by Donnie W. Lloyd, 37, of 500 Young Road, accelerated to a high rate of speed and refused to stop, according to LPD records.

  • Pressnell arrested on outstanding warrant

    After managing to duck authorities for most of the month Jimmy Lee Pressnell’s luck ran out.

    On June 6 LaFollette Police Officer John Baker performed a traffic stop on a vehicle in which Pressnell, 23, was a passenger.

    At the time of the stop Baker observed several items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine in plain view inside the car.