Today's News

  • Hard work pays off with charitable act

    natasha@lafollettepress.com     About four months worth of sewing and stitching paid off this week when the Senior Citizen’s Center Craft Class delivered 175 handmade quilts to Cumberland Village Nursing Home.

  • Jellico Utility makes revisions to policy



    Revisions to the use of vehicles and equipment documents garnered discussion by the Jellico Electric and Water System Board of Directors Tuesday night.

    The policy currently states that on-call personnel and supervisors are allowed to take vehicles home in the evening.

    Utility Manager Mike Bethurem said through conversations with other utilities he has learned that only one other system allows on-call employees to take home vehicle.

  • Marina proposal worries lake residents

    A recent application to build a 799-boat slip marina across from Camp Galilee is making waves.

    On March 19, an application was sent to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Tennessee Valley Authority proposing a commercial marina on Norris Lake, near Heatherly’s Point.  

    This location just happens to lie directly across from the portion of the lake where Camp Galilee laid down its roots over 50 years ago.

  • Schneider family feels more loss from fire

    The destruction of the West Cherry Street fire continues this week as Crystal Schneider died on Tuesday afternoon at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.

    Her body gave up fighting for survival and she died naturally, according to her husband William Schneider.

    “She put up a good fight,” said Schneider. “She’s in the good Lord’s hands. She is with my son.”

    Doctor’s determined Crystal Schneider was taking a turn for the worse earlier this week when her body started to rejected treatment, said William Schneider.

  • Brooks trial begins

    As the attempted murder trial of Rodney Brooks got underway on Wednesday morning, the victim made a surprising admission.

    “I wanted to go toe to toe with him,” said Anthony Potter.

    In October 2008, Brooks allegedly shot Potter at point blank range when the two argued over Potter’s mother, according to court testimony.

    Barbara Kellogg, who is at the center of the case said she met Brooks while he was in prison. After corresponding through letters, he moved in with her upon his release.

  • Truckers take plea in rape case

    Opting to take a plea instead of face a jury, Primus Byrd and Melinda Morris saw a reduction in their charges.

    The pair stood accused of raping a woman in the cab of an 18-wheeler while it was parked at the Caryville exit.

    Byrd also known Wes McKinney and Morris, who also goes by Melinda Franklin were facing multiple charges from the spring 2008 crime.

    Under the terms of their pleas both will serve lengthy probationary terms when released from jail.

  • Jacksboro board to remain the same

    Following Saturday’s election, the Jacksboro Board of Mayor and Aldermen will remain the same.

    Jack Cannon, who was running opposed for the mayor’s seat, garnered 160 complementary votes.

    In the race for alderman, incumbents Avery Burden and June Gwin Forstner retained their seats. They were challenged by Tommy Higdon. With the two seats going to the highest vote getters Burden and Forstner won by a wide margin.

    Burden captured 146 votes with Forstner getting 137. Higdon saw 42 people vote for him.

  • Broyles receives probation following trial

    It took two attempts but Oscar Broyles finally had his day in court.

    On Monday, he was sentenced in a case involving his neighbors, a gun and their dog.

    In June 2007, 69 -year-old Broyles was indicted on two counts of aggravated assault and one of animal cruelty, according to court records.

    But last April prosecutors in the case were forced to drop those charges after officers with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department lost the case file.

    A short time later prosecutors were able to reindict Broyles gaining a conviction at trial.

  • Monday pleads; goes to jail following drug screen

    After entering her guilty plea to felony possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of drug paraphernalia charges Charlisa Buffy Monday’s day in court should have been over.

    However, after she failed a drug screen within minutes of the plea, Monday was back before the judge.

    Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton was informed during Monday afternoon’s court session she had tested positive for four substances.

    Methamphetamine, amphetamine, oxycontin and methadone were found in her system, according to state probation officials.

  • Horner travels across Tennessee by bicycle

    When faced with mid-life, some men buy fancy sports cars, while others dye their hair or don toupees.

    Not Bill Horner.

    Instead he climbed onto his Diamondback Crestview bicycle and pedaled across Tennessee.

    He began the journey last September, embarking from the North Carolina border in a drizzling rain.