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  • Duo arrested at Wal-Mart

    A shoplifting report led to the arrest of Carrie E. Brock, 23, of LaFollette, on Aug. 26.

    Jacksboro Police Officer Josh Carroll responded to a shoplifting call from Wal-Mart around 6.p,m., on Aug. 26, according to a Jacksboro Police report.

    Upon arriving at the store, Carroll was informed Brock had allegedly concealed merchandise totaling $21.64 and passed the last point of sale without paying.

  • Illinois fugitive captured

    A fugitive gave officers a run for their money when they came for him last Thursday.

    When LaFollette Police Lt. Monty Miller, Sgt. Jason Henegar and Officers Joe Brown, Stephan Wallen and Daniel Terry went to a North 13th Street address to serve an arrest warrant issued by the Chicago Police Department for a parole violation David Lee Butler, 29, of 413 North 13th Street, Butler had other plans.

    As officers approached, Butler allegedly fled out a second story window of the home.

  • Couple arrested on multiple drug charges

    A complaint of suspicious activity at a local apartment complex led to two arrests last week.

    LaFollette Police Lt. Monty Miller, Sgt. Jason Henegar and Officer Odell Bailey were dispatched to Sanders Apartments last Tuesday evening to investigate the possibility of drug activity in the parking lot.

    When officers approached the vehicle driven by Michael Justin Estep, 28, of 548 Memorial Lane, Jacksboro, he appeared to be using his cell phone to send a text message, Miller’s report stated.

  • Four arrested on drug charges

    Rocky Mitchell Greene should have left a North 15th Street address when he was asked.  But because he did not he and three others landed in jail on drug charges.

    LaFollette Police Officers Daniel Smith and Josh Vann were called to a North 15th Street residence to remove Greene, 51, of 603 Rose Hill Drive, from the premises last week.

    Upon arrival officers were informed by the property owner that Greene, Daniel Raines, 27, of 295 McGhee Lane, Jacksboro and Joanna Davis, 23, of 307 North 15th Street, were allegedly using drugs in a bedroom in the house.

  • Council considers hiring in several departments

    The LaFollette City Council is doing its part to drive down the unemployment rate.

    At Monday’s workshop five candidates were presented for full time employment in three city departments.

    Fire Chief Gary Byrd requested the group consider Shawn McGlone to fill a full time fire fighter position within the department.  

    According to Byrd, McGlone has worked as an auxiliary fire fighter with LFD for a year and money is available in the budget to hire him at a salary of $22,800.

  • Mongar files suit against city of LaFollette

    The city of LaFollette’s appointment book is filling up quickly.  

    With the filing of another lawsuit it looks as if the municipality may have a court date in its future.

    Last Tuesday David Dunaway filed a $100,000 complaint in circuit court on behalf of his client, Darrell Mongar.

    In the legal document Mongar alleges the LaFollette City Council recently passed on hiring him for a position with the LaFollette Police Department due to his age and handicap.

  • Alleged meat thieves arrested in Jellico

    Two people were arrested for stealing meat products in Jellico on Monday.

    Jellico Police Detective JJ Hatmaker was called to investigate a shoplifting at Douglas Market when the alleged crime was discovered.

    Ernest Ralph Muse, 64, of 362 Corington Lane, LaFollette, and Rebecca Jean Cunningham, 33, of 502 South 7th Street, LaFollette, allegedly stole $100 of meat products from the Jellico store and then fled in a blue truck, according to the store owner D. Douglas Jr.

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