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    Campbell County schools have been closed for Jan. 16 due to cold weather.

    In other school related news, Dr. Michael Martin reported  bus 33 was shot, with what appeared to be a pellet gun, while delivering students home from school Wednesday afternoon.  According to Martin, there were no injuries.  The incident is currently being investigated by local authorities.  Additional information will be reported as it becomes available.

  • New schools celebrated with open houses

    It’s been a year since students and faculty began calling the new Caryville and LaFollette Elementary School buildings home sweet home.  And while everyone has had plenty of time to grow accustomed to the digs the new still hasn’t worn off.

    In an effort to show off the two facilities and publicly thank those who had a hand in bringing the dream to fruition the Campbell County Board of Education, central office staff and staff from each school played host at open houses to celebrate the accomplishment.

  • Kennedy sentenced to three months in child’s death

    With a family left in pieces over the death of 9-year-old Brittany Gardner, Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton appeared to be struggling as to how to sentence her stepfather in the case on Monday.

    “This is a tragedy. It is hard to imagine what it (the death of a child) might do to family,” Sexton said during Robert Kennedy’s hearing.

  • Packs plead not guilty in Love’s death

    Making their initial appearance in criminal court on Monday, Russell Pack and his brother, Phillip Pack, pled not guilty to the  2008 killing of Jayne Love.

    They are set to stand trial in May on the second-degree murder charges.

    After being brought up from the county jail in chains and shackles, the duo claimed poverty asking the state to pay their legal fees.

     Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton attempted to appoint the public defender’s office to represent one of the brothers but was stopped.

  • Jellico to host Martin Luther King Jr. Day memorial celebration

    The nationally recognized holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. will be recognized for the first time in Jellico with a memorial celebration.

    The memorial will be held on Jan. 19, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at the Jellico Library conference room.

     There will be a presentation of musical talent, reflections on African American contributors from Jellico and surrounding areas and a community health care discussion.

  • Court receives flurry of motions from Gaylor

    With his trial date in the Jonathan Pierce murder trial quickly approaching, Travis Gaylor’s attorney has filed a myriad of motions in the case.

    Among the nine requests Steve Sams has made is a motion for a change of venue.

    Citing “extensive coverage” by local and surrounding media outlets, Sams says Gaylor can’t receive a fair trial anywhere in the Eighth Judicial District. He wants the case transferred to the Sixth Judicial District, which is Knox County.

  • Williford, Johnson going to trial

    Two firefighters facing arson and official misconduct charges are opting for a trial in the matter.

    Joseph A. Johnson and James B. Williford were indicted last fall on the charges, quickly pleading not guilty in the matter.

    Reports indicate the two men were on duty at the Jacksboro Fire Department in October 2008, when they drove a Jacksboro owned truck to a Cove Street home and allegedly set the fire, according to Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman. They then returned to the fire department and waited to be dispatched out, he said.

  • Herron pleads not guilty to all charges

    Pleading not guilty to charges stemming from an alleged bar fight, Anthony Herron appeared in Campbell County Criminal Court on Monday.

    A grand jury had indicted Herron last week on aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, theft under $500, evading and resisting arrest along with simple possession of a schedule III controlled substance.

    In November 2008 Herron was arrested by Caryville Police after he and another man allegedly fought in the parking lot of a bar.