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  • Franklin back home; looking to the future

    It has been a long three and half years for former detective Sammy Franklin.

    After serving that time in two federal prisons, a halfway house and on home confinement, Franklin is now a free man.

    On Jan. 23, he was officially released from the federal bureau of prisons roster, leaving him to serve two years probation.

    Now back home with his family, seated at his kitchen table, Franklin is a different man.

  • Villages purchased in bankruptcy court

    The demise of The Villages Resort on Norris Lake seemed inevitable, yet the most recent purchase of the property by Emerson Properties LLC may give a small amount of hope to what some imagined was a lost cause.

    On Feb. 11, Emerson Properties largest shareholder MIROBO LLC joined countless others in Orlando to place bids at the auction of Land Resources developments. Land Resources, developer of The Villages, has been in the process of filing for bankruptcy for several months.

  • Commission doles out donations

    The purse strings were loose on Tuesday night as commissioners voted to dole out money for a number of causes.

    During last week’s workshop Dennis Potter, road superintendent, made the group aware of the certain doom facing the county quarry’s aged crusher.

    Parts for the antiquated equipment are virtually impossible to find, Potter said.

    The county is able to produce its own crushed stone at a cost of $2 per ton. However the cost if purchased from another supplier would jump to $10 per ton.

  • Gaylor trial slated for next week

    Travis Gaylor may soon see what his future holds.

    His trial in Jonathan Pierce’s homicide case is slated to begin next week. Gaylor is the second of three defendants to answer for his alleged part in Pierce’s 2006 death.

    His half-sister and co- defendant, Miranda Kirby, was convicted last year for her involvement in the crime. She was sentenced to life behind bars but has appealed her conviction.

  • Stepfather released from restitution in child’s death

    Citing that neither entity slated to receive restitution from Stanley Gagne was a victim, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals has released him from the $10,697 obligation.

    The justices have sent the case back to Campbell County for another hearing on the matter.

  • Stalking charges filed against Sparks

    A 34- year-old Jacksboro man is facing two counts of stalking for his alleged actions towards an underage female.

    Darby Sparks, 148 Park Place Rd, was arrested last week by Caryville Police on the charges.

    The young girl told police her first run in with Sparks occurred in late January as she left work, the arrest warrant said. On this occasion, he is alleged to have trailed her until she got home.

  • Money, Money, Money

    According to a recent report from Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily, when one adds together all of our current debt obligations including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid we now have a total national debt of $65.5 trillion.  This is larger than the GDP of the entire world.  That means that it would take the yearly output of every country in the world to equal the amount of our current debt.

  • Ambulance service employee charged with burglary

  • LPD busy with trespassers

  • Commission discusses property; retiree insurance