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  • Father-Son pair arrested for aggravated burglary

    Two LaFollette men were arrested after their victim caught their alleged misdeeds on camera.

    Charles Oliver Owens Sr., 41, and his son, Charles Oliver Owens Jr., 18, allegedly broke into a home on Oct. 29 and reportedly took $3,750 of property.

    Officers were able to recover the victim’s Stihl weed eater, a Savage .22 rifle and flow master mufflers.

    The two men reportedly admitted to selling or trading the other property in order to obtain narcotics.

  • Police sieze cash, car during execution of search warrant

    A LaFollette man is in jail after police reportedly found 30 grams, more than $200 worth, of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia at his home.

    Last Friday, LaFollette Police Department officers raided the home of Vincent Szymanski, 32, of 310 West Hemlock Lane.

    “It’s been basically an ongoing investigation for the past several weeks,” said Det. Steve Walland with the LaFollette Police Department.

  • Jellico man arrested after trying to claim bicycle

    A Jellico man is behind bars after police say he came to the department looking to claim a bicycle.

    On Oct. 18, Gary Wayne “Wire Hair” Douglas, 46, of 667 Wooldridge Lane, came to the Jellico Police Department asking to have a confiscated bicycle returned to him.  

    What Douglas didn’t know, was the Campbell County Grand Jury had issued an indictment for his arrest after Det. Sgt. Jeff Ivey provided evidence of previous crimes Douglas allegedly committed.

  • Man struck, killed by train

    LaFollette Police are investigating a death on a section of railroad after Chief Jimmy Jeffries said a man was struck by a train just after 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

    The accident happened at Brantley Lane, between Kitts Tires and the Campbell County High School Bridge.

    Billy Dangerfield was reportedly lying on the tracks as the train approached.

  • Toys for Tots registration set for next weekend, donations still accepted

    Toys for Tots is prepared to make the holidays brighter for needy families in Campbell County.

    “We’ve done all our fundraising events and we’re just waiting for those that have raised their monies to go ahead and turn that in,” said Debi Mikesell, a Toys for Tots volunteer.

    Parents or guardians may register their children for the toy-giving program on Nov. 9 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Nov. 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Campbell County Courthouse Lobby.

  • LaFollette residents face obstacles

    Residents on Mullis Trail are concerned after unfinished city work has forced them to park on the street.

    “None of the six property owners that has access to this road has ever asked them to do anything to it,” said Doris Lumpkins, a Mullis Trail resident.

    Drainage has always been a problem, according to property owners, and they say the city of LaFollette decided to pave the road and put curbs down either side to force water down the road.

  • Early voting sees high numbers

    As Election Day approaches, many in Campbell County have already casted ballots through early voting.

    “Been very heavy,” said Ann Ayers-Colvin, Campbell County Administrator of Elections. “Which is very good. We like that. At the close on Saturday, we had voted over 4,100 people.”

  • Campbell County to pay over $26,000 in delinquent tax refunds

    Miscommunication over bankruptcy filings has led to Campbell County having to refund over $26,000 in delinquent tax revenue.

  • Sales tax increase back on the ballot

    A sales tax increase is back on the ballot. Voters will decide whether or not to increase the local sales tax from 2.25 percent to 2.75 percent.

    “To be honest, I really don’t think that’s a buying decision,” said Eddie Wiggins, owner of Radio Shack in Jacksboro. “If somebody’s going to buy something, their going to buy it.”

    Wiggins believes people who shop in Campbell County are interested in supporting the local economy.

  • Public Records for the week of Nov. 1. 2012



    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



    OCTOBER 22  – OCTOBER 26

    Robert N. Payne and Karen A. Payne to Karen Payne and Robert Payne, Dist. 2.

    Elmer Browning and Jo Ann Browning to Gwen Cuel, Dist. 5, $700.

    Larry Thornton and Donna Thornton to Carrie Castaneda, Dist. 1, $6961.63.