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  • ROAD RAGE REPORT: Readers identify worst conditions in county

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The LaFollette Press asked its more than 1,800 Facebook fans to identify the worst road conditions in Campbell County. Your responses were overwhelming. From Elkins Road; to Highway 229 in Jellico; to Stinking Creek Road near Interstate 75 exit 144; to parts of Demory Road — dozens complained about potholes, cracks and unsafe conditions along corridors in the county. It’s not just a problem unique to Campbell County. In Tennessee alone, there are 93,251 miles of public roads and 38 percent fail to meet adequate standards, according to a recent report issued by automobile club AAA. This report takes a closer look at a growing problem and aims to provide a solution to the county’s cracked infrastructure. (Spoiler alert: It involves higher taxes.)

    — Brent Schanding, editor, LaFollette Press

  • Hunt heals the Hurt


    A whip-poor-will called in the distance, as darkness fell on the Lewis Farm in Stinking Creek.

    Rain continued to drizzle, but the emotions were anything but dreary for the hunting camp on Saturday night.

    Hunters were gathering in, showing off their newly acquired trophies, as congratulations abound among the hunters and guides.

    The Willing Sportsman Event was coming to a close for the Pine Mountain Longbeards.

  • Turkey gives Master Sgt. some healing


    A walking stick in one hand and a turkey lying at his feet, Army Master Sgt. Michael Trost was all smiles on Saturday night.

    The drizzling rain that continued to fall didn’t deter Trost, who was welcomed with congratulations and smiles on the Lewis Farm.

    For Trost, it was a chance to take everything off his mind.

  • Good deeds paid off with triple-bearded turkey


    Ronnie Gullion, a retired Sgt. 1st Class, came to the Willing Sportsman Event in hopes of seeing his fellow Wounded Warriors take a bird on the Lewis and Cunningham farms.

    However, little did he know, he would be walking away with a bird himself.

  • Wheelchairs don't slow Brock, McKinnon


    Wheelchairs couldn’t slow Scott McKinnon and Carl Brock, as they were the first hunters to harvest birds on Saturday morning.

    Near first light, both hunters took turkeys as they took flight.

  • Column: Hunt of a lifetime

    For some, it’s killing a Rocky Mountain elk.

    Others, it’s getting a Grand Slam turkey hunt all in the same year, while others go for the Big 5 in Africa.

    However, on Saturday, as the rain pitter-pattered off the roof of the hunting blind, I realized it was a hunt of a lifetime.

    Sitting in the blind with Kevin Honaker, I was able to experience the hunt with the United States Marine.

    As rain spilled into the blind and silence fell over the field, Honaker began to tell his story.

  • Tiller Time



    Abby Tiller put on a clinic last Thursday.

    The Jellico Lady Blue Devil pitcher threw a complete game, all while blasting two shots over the center-field fence in order to lift Jellico over the Campbell County Lady Cougars, 12-11.

    “She needed that,” Jellico head coach Nancy Douglas said. “Abby will come through for you. She’s pretty resilient.”

    Trailing by one during the final inning, 11-10, with two outs, Jellico was looking for a savior.

  • School official’s plan would cut top staff to hire SROs

    School board member Rector Miller sees the passage of a state bill as a chance to assign school resource officers to eight currently unmanned schools in the district.
    Under Miller’s plan, the district would eliminate the safety and athletic director position at the central office. Currently, Johnny Bruce holds that position with an annual salary of $65,842. Eliminating that position and combining the salary with the $206,000 already designated for school resource officers would provide funds for contracting with retired officers to patrol the schools.  

  • Fired town recorder’s personnel file spotless until this February

    An oral and written reprimand are part of former Caryville Recorder Cheryl Ivey’s otherwise spotless personnel file, according to documents obtained by the LaFollette Press on Monday.  
    According to reports, Mayor Chris Stanley issued the oral reprimand on Feb. 27. It is for what he cited as a lack of professionalism he said in a written note.
    Ivey raised her voice, according to the note and was asked to be more professional before she reportedly hung up on Stanley in a phone conversation.

  • Decathlon, Pentathlon gives young athletes experience



    JOHNSON CITY - The 2013 decathlon and pentathlon wasn’t an average year for Campbell County High School track team.

    Three sophomores and one freshman joined the ranks with senior Brandon Long to participate in the two-day event held at Science Hill High School.

    For the team, it’s thrilling to have so many young athletes participating.