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  • CASA provides aid to abused, neglected children

    Executive Director David Ayers describes CASA as a “charitable extension of the court.”

    In Campbell County, Court Appointed Special Advocates have worked with children since 2006.

    “We provide volunteers to as many kids as we can and what they do, they advocate for these children and they try to get them the services they need,” Ayers said.

  • Jellico still facing audit issues

    Alderman Alvin Evans called on the Lord when he realized a resolution to bring the city into compliance with the state comptroller would pass.

    “God Almighty!” he said after Alderman Charles Vermillion voted yes.

    The move comes after the state comptroller’s office notified the town in June a line of credit from First Volunteer Bank had not been obtained correctly.  Instead of a line of credit, the town needed to have made the amount capital outlay.

  • July and August rains refresh pastures; October rain needed

     July and August have brought much needed rain. This allowed farmers to have a final cutting of hay.

    Two months ago, drought had Tennessee farmers on the ropes. The United States Department of Agriculture had listed East Tennessee as being in a moderately severe drought.

  • Three arrested for assault

     On Aug. 29, events following a car accident on Pleasant Ridge Road led to assault charges for three LaFollette residents.

    The driver of a white Chrysler van was backing out of her driveway onto Pleasant Ridge Road when it was struck by a brown Chevrolet van, LaFollette Police Officer Robert Foxx said in a report.

  • Public Records Sept. 6, 2012



    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



    AUGUST 27 – AUGUST 31

    Doyle Bryan Allen and Gretchen Brooke Allen to Antoinette Marlow, Dist. 3, $26,000.

    Benjamin Cheek and Amanda Cheek to Owen Irwin and Glenna Irwin, Dist. 1, $10,000.

    Brooks Kirkland and Dixie Kirkland to Eddie Barton and Linda Barton, Dist. 5, $5,000.

  • Pray for Trinity

    For the last week citizens in Campbell County have been urging one another to “Pray for Trinity.”

    Through scrolling signs, t-shirts and marquees the message has been the same- one of our own needs help.

    Trinity is Trinity Henegar a 16 year old boy who fell from the back of a utility vehicle on Aug. 13.

    In the moments following the accident he was airlifted to U.T. Medical Center where he remains in I.C.U.

    His family and doctors are watching his condition.

  • BOE evaluates Poston

    On Aug. 23, the Campbell County Board of Education evaluated Director of Schools Donnie Poston. Poston’s mean score of 2.609, was slightly lower than his score on the mid-year evaluation, 2.683.

    “It’s very close to where it was mid-year,” BOE Chairman Mike Orick said.

  • Campbell County veterans fought in the War of 1812

    Among the Tennessean Patriots who fought in the War of 1812 were Campbell County residents.

    Peter Cooper was one of the early setters to Campbell County, Jane Ayers, one of his descendants said. Cooper was born in North Carolina in 1786, according to the National Society of the United States Daughters of the War of 1812 membership soldier rosters.

    Cooper’s father, Thomas Cooper, was a British soldier in the Revolutionary War who stayed behind and became a citizen, according to Trowbridges in America by Patricia Trowbridge Matthews.

  • Campbell County Youth Football Association to play games at LMS

     As work continues on the sports complex at East LaFollette, the Campbell County Youth Football Association will play home games at LaFollette Middle School.

  • During the War of 1812, Tennessee became the “Volunteer State”

    Two hundred years ago, America was engaged in the War of 1812. From the “Star Spangled Banner” to Andrew Jackson’s leadership in the Battle of New Orleans, much of America’s proud history occurred during the War of 1812. It was also during this war that Tennessee received the nickname, “the Volunteer State.”