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  • City promotes 2 in police force
  • King of the hill


    Hunter Scott is certainly making a name for himself on the mound for the Campbell County Cougars.

    The Louisiana native currently holds a 0.53 ERA through 26 innings pitched. He holds a 2-2 record as Campbell County’s starting pitcher.

    On Monday night, Scott only allowed tossed in six strikeouts in only five innings of play.

  • School menus

    Campbell County

    School Menu

    April 15 – April 19



    Hamburger with wheat bun

    Baked potato with toppings

    Lettuce, tomato

    Onion, pickle

    French fries

    Chilled applesauce

    Ice cream



    Spaghetti with meat sauce


    Garden salad

    Green beans

    Garlic bread

    Fresh melon cup



    Taco salad


  • Fire guts Potters' cabin

     Campbell County Road Superintendent Dennis Potter and his family are facing an immense tragedy after their Elk Valley home burned down, while spending spring break aboard a cruise ship. 

     “It’s a bad thing that happened,” Potter said Monday afternoon. “It’s been a heck of deal.”

    The family left early last Saturday morning expecting a week of relaxation in the Bahamas, but as they docked in Jamaica on Tuesday an urgent message awaited them.

  • County officials to consider policy against hiring felons

    CAMPBELL COUNTY—The Campbell County Commission will consider a resolution that would prevent the hiring of convicted felons. Commissioner Tom Hatmaker wanted to discuss it last month, but commissioner Bobby White requested it first be considered by the insurance and personnel committee.
    Hatmaker requested the item be added to the county commission’s April 15 meeting.  

  • 6 youth face vandalism charges, thousands in restitution

     “Malicious mischief” is what police are calling multiple acts of vandalism that total more than $300,000 at one lakefront, gated-community.

    The destruction occurred at the Villages development over several months beginning last October, according to Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Detective Brandon Elkins.

  • Ward signs with Johnson University


    Campbell County senior Niki Ward is living out a dream.

    On Monday evening, the Lady Cougar point guard signed her intent to play with Johnson University in Knoxville.

    “I don’t have the words for it,” Ward said of the day. “I’m excited. I was given many, many different signs that showed me that this is where I needed to be.”

  • The Future Forest

    Change is inevitable as they say, even to long-lived life forms such as trees.  Our area presently have a fairly uniform oak-hickory type forest (average age 60 to 110 years) in the upland ridges, and young mixed hardwood forests in the hollows and drains. 

    Several forces are at work that could change the look and function of our forests.

  • ANIMAL SHELTER INVESTIGATION: Bite worse than bark

    A former animal advisory board member, who previously championed shelter director Betty Crumley’s leadership, is voicing his concerns. 

    It follows a six-minute viral video in which Crumley is heard speaking to an employee with concerns about euthanasia practices. Crumley dismisses it as the work of a disgruntled, former employee – others contend there are major issues.

  • We are responsible for sharing Christ

    I am continuing this week with the though of sharing the plan of salvation. I believe as Christ gave the Disciples the Great Commission to go into all the world… We may not have to go into all the world… but we are responsible for sharing Christ with others.