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  • CCHS teacher resigns after allegations of inappropriate classroom language

    An investigation by the board of education led to the transfer and ultimate resignation of a Campbell County High School teacher.

    Some of the allegations included asking the students if they had pictures of male genitals on their cell phones, if they engaged in “sexting,” and if they had been to an abortion clinic, according to documents provided by the Campbell County Board of Education.  Jason Ivey was also questioned about the repeated use of derogatory female terms in the classroom.

  • No attendance policy for LUB board members

    At the Jan. 28 meeting, LaFollette Utility Board attorney Mike Hatmaker handed board members a letter. In the letter, in response to questions raised by a board member at the Jan. 7 meeting, Hatmaker said there isn’t an attendance policy for board members.
    At the Jan. 7 meeting, Shaw asked Hatmaker if there was an attendance policy. LUB board member Frank Shaw believed there was a city of LaFollette ordinance that didn’t allow LUB board members to miss three meetings.
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  • TDOT reduces Jellico’s matching portion for grant

    The Interstate 75 lighting project has become more affordable for the city of Jellico.
    Jellico leaders have been working on the project since November 2010, Mayor Les Stiers said. It involves a 50/50 matching grant with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Originally, Jellico’s portion for the grant was $648,316, according to Darlene Schlicher from Sen. Ken Yager’s office. Stiers believes the original portion was $324,158.  However, Jellico asked Yager and Rep. Dennis Powers for help with reducing this amount, Stiers said.

  • Mullins seeking $21,000 for projects on city roads

    At the LaFollette City Council workshop on Jan. 28, Public Works Department Head Jim Mullins approached the council with three projects that cost $21,500.
    City council member Hansford Hatmaker asked Mullins if there was money in the street department’s budget for these projects.
    “I don’t have the money to do any of this,” Mullins said.
    Because the money for the project isn’t in the street department’s budget, Mullins is seeking approval from the council for more money from the city.

  • LaFollette City Council to begin search for city admin

    At Tuesday night’s meeting, the LaFollette City Council will begin its search for a full-time city administrator. The position was vacated Jan. 18 when former interim city administrator Cade Sexton resigned. Mayor Mike Stanfield read Sexton’s letter of resignation at a special called meeting on Jan. 18.
    At the LaFollette City Council workshop on Jan. 28, city council member Stephanie Grimm added advertising for a full-time city administrator to Tuesday’s meeting agenda.

  • Fleischmann holds Mayor’s round table at Roane State campus

    U.S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann appeared before local elected officials, businessmen and constituents at the mayor’s round table at Roane State Community College on Jan. 29. The event allowed him to hear the concerns of Campbell County citizens.
    “When I campaigned in the new district three, Scott County and most of Campbell County were added,” Fleischmann said. “I want feedback from the people here in Campbell County so I can go back to Washington and advocate for the people of Campbell County.”

  • Iced C: Campbell County coated in layer of ice

    Wintry weather covered Campbell County in ice Jan. 25, but caused minimal structural damage.
    About half an inch of ice was reported in some places in East Tennessee, according to Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. However, less than 100 people went without power and there were only two reported automobile accidents.
    The LaFollette Utilities Board reported two power outages Friday morning, and Jellico Electric and Water System reported none.

  • Man cited for speeding is wanted in New York

    A Georgia man was pulled over for speeding Jan. 25 and found to be wanted by New York law enforcement.

  • Jellico library releases annual report

    Jellico librarian Mark Tidwell outlined goals and accomplishments for the town’s library in an annual report for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

    “We had a really good year and we’re off to a good fiscal year this year,” he said.

    The library operated on a total budget of $293,658. The town provided $64,254 of that. The county provided $9.500. Additional money came in the form of grants and donations. 

  • Campbell County Resident sees book published

    It took more than a decade for Jim Dossett to finish his first novel, “Finding Bobby Ray.”

    “As time went on I got some other ideas and the story’s completely different than I started out to be. I did most of the writing from May through December of last year. The premise of the book, it’s about family being everything whether you’re blood kin or not,” Dossett said.

    While the book is not entirely biographical, his time in Campbell County influenced the novel.