Today's News

  • Allegedly impaired driver stopped after almost striking officers’ cars

    A Duff woman was charged after she allegedly almost struck two Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputies’ vehicles. The deputies were in the middle of a traffic stop.
    Deputies Chad Hickson and Josh Humphries were in the middle of a traffic stop in Jacksboro when Donna A. McCall, 36, 185 West Cotula Lane, failed to merge to avoid them, nearly hitting their vehicles, Hickson said.

  • “Drug deal gone bad” turns violent; ends in aggravated assault charges

    An alleged drug deal turned violent Nov. 28 when a woman was slung from a dark blue Pontiac Sunfire. She was allegedly attempting to pay $20 for what she thought was marijuana.
    The victim told the LaFollette Police Department Wendy D. Falls, 39, 411 E. Fir Street, LaFollette, had called her and asked her to buy marijuana, according to Sgt. Brian Tiller’s arrest report.

  • JMS receives temporary guidance counselor

    Students at Jacksboro Middle School will once again have a guidance counselor. Counselor Shirley Peel has been off work since March due to an on-the-job injury.

    “I think she was getting ready to sit down at her desk and her seat kind of slipped back and she fell in the floor, hurt her arm,” said Campbell County Director of Schools, Donnie Poston.

    There has not been a guidance counselor present at the school since Peel was injured, according to Principal Steve Rutherford. 

  • State acknowledges driver station closure

    The Tennessee Department of Safety has released official word that the LaFollette driver’s station will merge with the Clinton office. The LaFollette office will close at the end of the business day on Dec. 28. Its employees will then work at the Clinton Office.

    “Apparently they were under a mandate to cut the budget and apparently they looked at those areas where they could break the leases,” said Tennessee State Sen. Ken Yager. “Apparently, unfortunately, one of those was Campbell County.”

  • Caryville officers lose raise

    Caryville’s new police officers will not get a raise despite having satisfactorily completing their 90 day probationary period.

     “When he [new mayor Chris Stanley] came in, he basically told us he’s gonna take our raise away and he really didn’t give us a reason why he’s taking our raise away,” said former Caryville Police Officer Mike Caudill.

    Caudill joined the force in August and completed his 90-day probationary period in late October. When hired, he earned $10 per hour.

  • Jellico town recorder resigns

    Questions have replaced Linda Douglas’s seat at the board’s table in Jellico.

    Douglas, the former town recorder resigned on Tuesday after 10 years of employment with the town.

    “Today at 4 o’clock p.m., Ms. Linda Douglas resigned as city recorder,” said Jellico Mayor Les Stiers during a board of mayor and aldermen workshop Tuesday night.

    “She has resigned and we'll be looking into matters and this, that and the other,” he said.  

  • Jellico board approves sale of Taylor Machine Shop property

    Nearly six months after Montclair’s lease on the Taylor Machine Shop property was up, the oil refining business will be able to purchase the property. The move will bring approximately 50 jobs to Jellico. An additional grant from the state will provide for a Norfolk Southern Railroad Spur on the site, located at 1070 Creekmore Housely Road. The property is part of the Oswego Industrial Park.

    “We’re trying to push that process forward now,” said Jellico Mayor Les Stiers.

  • Revenue, cuts discussed at Jellico workshop

    Jellico could finally be looking at solutions to its budget woes after help from the Tennessee state comptroller’s office.

    “Ms. Iris told me as of today [Nov. 26] the city was going to make 22 percent or more in cuts across the board,” Stiers said, referring to last month’s meeting with comptroller representative Iris Haby.

    Stiers, who does not want to cut services or employees, presented a list of revenues and cuts compiled for the comptroller.

  • Stabbing leaves one man dead

     A night of drinking and arguing has left one man dead and his friend facing homicide charges.

    On Friday evening, a call was placed to Campbell County 911 by Johnathan B. Sexton claiming he had come home to find his friend, Rocky Gibson, lying on the kitchen floor bleeding from the chest.

  • Miller continues to fight to walk

    It has been more than a  week since a well-loved Campbell County High School player was severely injured in a four- wheeler accident.

    The accident left running back Ethan Miller will no feeling in the lower part of his body. An MRI showed no signs of broken bones in the neck or spine, according to the senior’s family.

    Doctors have compared the injury to a stinger in football, with the swelling around his spine preventing the movement and feeling.

    As the days have gone by Ethan Miller is regaining some movement.