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  • No word on closing of Jacksboro driver's station

    Community concerns that the Jacksboro driver’s services location will close could be premature.

    “I can tell you that we are considering merging various driving service centers across the state,” said Dalya Qualls, public information officer with the Tennessee Department of Safety in Nashville.

    Local supervisor Barbara Turitt said she has no knowledge of any potential closures at the Jacksboro office.

  • CC veterans discuss importance of military service

     Campbell County is preparing to honor its veterans with several events this weekend as Veteran’s Day approaches. 

    “I’ve always honored Veterans’ Day,” retired Army Colonel Tom Stiner said. “For the sacrifices of those who have particularly given their all and for all those who have served.”

  • Pioneer post office to change hours of service

     The Pioneer Post Office will begin to operate under reduced hours at the start of 2013. 

    “We’re not closing,” said Angie Householder, the U. S. Postal Service’s officer in charge at the Pioneer Post Office. “We’re just reducing the hours to run more efficiently.”

  • Voters choose Hatmaker and Fannon to fill council seats

    LaFollette’s residents chose Hansford Hatmaker and Bob Fannon to fill two council seats. The seats became open when Hatmaker was up for reelection, and former council member Wayne Kitts vacated his seat in August to run for mayor.

    Perpetual candidate Virgil Kidwell ran against Fannon and Hatmaker. Voters could select two candidates. The two receiving the most votes, Fannon and Hatmaker, won the seats. Fannon led the group with 1,043 votes, Hatmaker received 1,034 and Kidwell had 706 votes, losing the seat.

  • Powers defeats Kidwell to win second term as Tennessee Representative

    Campbell County was overwhelmingly in favor of reelecting 36th district state representative Dennis Powers for his second election.

    “I just feel very fortunate and thankful for the people giving me this opportunity,” Powers said. “It’s been a great experience.

    In Campbell County, Powers received 8,609 votes. Kidwell received only 2,240. The 80/20 split was consistent across the district, according to Powers.

  • LaFollette chooses Stanfield for four more years

    Tuesday night, Mike Stanfield was reelected Mayor of LaFollette by a 2-1 margin. Stanfield promised to stand for everybody, even those who didn’t vote for him.

    “I will represent you or help you in any way I can,” he said.

    In August, Kitts resigned from his council seat to run against Stanfield.

    Kitts was up for reelection as council member. Instead of running for his council seat, he ran for mayor.

  • New, reelected Caryville alderpersons share ideas for next term

    Two familiar faces remain on the board in Caryville, and a new man will take the please of Wade Lawson after he chose not to seek reelection.

    Vickie Heatherly won 544 votes against Allen Smith’s 205 to maintain her seat as the ward 1 alderman. This is her second term as alderwoman.

    “I love Caryville and [I’ll] do my best to continue to move Caryville in the right direction and I will always be working for a better tomorrow for our community,” she said.

  • Stanley elected Caryville mayor

    Caryville Alderman Chris Stanley has won his bid to become the town’s mayor. By the end of the night he had accumulated 365 of the race’s 766 votes.

    Incumbent Robert Stooksbury garnered 285 votes. Jerry Chadwell received 116 votes.

    In the moments after his win, Stanley expressed gratitude to his family, friends and supporters. “I also always want to thank God for all my blessings,” Stanley said.

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