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  • Morton arrested for assault, wanted on federal charges

    The search for a LaFollette man wanted on local and federal charges ended with the help of two off-duty deputies.

    Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Cody Chapman responded to a domestic disturbance complaint on Wildwood Circle approximately a month ago. At the scene he determined from information reported by the victim that Eric Bradley Morton, 29 of 609 Wildwood Circle, had allegedly assaulted and choked his ex-wife. Records indicate Morton fled before CCSD deputies arrived. Chapman obtained an arrest warrant for Morton charging him with aggravated assault.

  • Alleged drunk driver almost hits officers

    An alleged drunk driver chose the wrong people to nearly hit on Saturday.

    Campbell County Sheriff”s Deputy Ty Daugherty reported he was performing a traffic stop when he and a colleague were almost struck by a car on Old Middlesboro Highway.

    Daugherty indicated he saw Gregory Leon Huckaby, 52, of 507 Lynch Hollow Road, cross over the white line and onto the shoulder of the road almost hitting the deputies.

  • Hill arrested for theft

    Rule one of renter’s etiquette could be “do not steal from the landlord.” But it is a rule Marsha Hill, 37, of 117 Michael Ave., allegedly didn’t keep.

    On Oct. 27 Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy John Wallen went to a residence on Butter and Egg Road to investigate a theft. The victim stated on Oct. 25 Hill came to her residence to retrieve a television she had pawned. The landlord reported after Hill left she discovered gold jewelry missing from the home.

  • Chase arrested on drug charges

    Having naptime at Judy’s Grocery earned a LaFollette woman a trip to jail last week.

    On Oct. 29, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy John Wallen was called to the store after business hours to investigate reports of a female who was unresponsive and slumped over the steering wheel of her vehicle.

    Wallen reported he rushed to the car to determine whether the woman was breathing. She awoke from what the officer described as a deep sleep, appearing startled.

  • Social media reveals school situation

    The social media acted as a sort of double-edged sword in a situation that occurred at Jacksboro Middle School last week.

    While the widely used site Facebook site made administrators and law enforcement aware of a potential threat at the school it also invoked a level of panic that may have been unnecessary for students.

  • New Notes for week of October 27, 2011

      The Pinecrest Volunteer Fire Department will be having a haunted forest the week leading up to Halloween. This event is for benefit of Pinecrest Volunteer Fire Department. For more information call 562-8100.

  • School Menus for week of October 27, 2011

       Christian Academy

    of Campbell County

    Lunch Menu

     Oct  31 – Nov 4

  • When the storms come - are you a turkey or an eagle?

      From a Mothers Heart

    When the storms come – Are you a turkey or an eagle?

  • Faithful Words for week of October 27, 2011



  • Cieslak charged in son's death

    While most children are wrapped in a blanket after they are born, Wanda Kay Cieslak’s child wasn’t.

    Instead, the baby boy was wrapped in a garbage bag and left on the front porch of a home, according to a warrant filed on Tuesday.

    Cieslak has since been charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse. On Tuesday she was arraigned on these charges and given a $500,000 bond. Her next court date is Nov. 1.