Today's Opinions

  • Time to live like you are dying

    What do you think when you hear about the end of the world?

    Do you believe it will happen, or do you feel as though it’s nothing more than a mere hoax? Despite your beliefs, this week’s story relates to everyone, Christian or not.

    Anyone who knows me, personally or through my weekly column, knows that I whole-heartedly believe in God.

  • There is More Happening Than Meets the Eye

    It is called a diversion or sleight of hand, in magic.  

    In Gunsmoke, the bad guys would have set fire to the livery stable and while Doc, Festus and Marshall Dillon were putting out the fire, the guys in the black hats robbed the bank, or the Longbranch – or both.  

    In Washington, they just robbed the taxpayers.

    But, even though we just passed the largest spending bill in history, I am disturbed that something much bigger is in the making, such as our liberty and our individual freedoms being pilfered.   

  • The secrey of life is everywhere

    Harold N. A. Hurry was a man who was like his middle and last names, always in a hurry.

    He complained so much that he’d often miss out on the little blessings that were all around. In fact, his favorite saying was, “Isn’t there any goodness left in the world?”

    Harold drove to the post office and was in a hurry, as usual. He was angry because the red light wasn’t turning green fast enough, as well as the man in the car next to him that was singing off-key with his windows rolled down.

  • How to Stop Socialism in America

    Mark Levin is a nationally-syndicated radio host and conservative commentator.  He has just released a landmark new book, “Liberty and Tyranny:  a Conservative Manifesto.”  

  • Why did Jacksboro candidates fail to make views known?

    Elected officials and those vying for office should not hesitate to answer questions from the public and the media.

    But last week that is what Jackboro’s mayor and some of the board of aldermen, along with one of the challengers competing for office, did.

    Earlier this month sitting board members Avery Burden, Mattie Lou Nance and June Forstner were hand delivered candidate questionnaires from the Press at the town’s monthly meeting. Mayor Jack Cannon was not there but a questionnaire was left for him.