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  • For the children

    April is Child Abuse Awareness month and to honor child abuse victims, blue ribbons are currently being displayed all around our community. But, have you ever wondered what the meaning of the blue ribbon really is?

    The Blue Ribbon Campaign began in Virginia in 1989 when a grandmother, Bonnie W. Finney, tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van “to make people wonder.”  The story she told to inquisitive community members was a tragic story about the abuse of her grandchildren, which ultimately led to the brutal death of her grandson.

  • Editorial Cartoon April 14, 2011
  • From the Mountain

    From The Mountain

    Mark J. Tidwell

    I pulled up in front of Jellico’s U.S. Post Office the other day and quickly noticed Old Glory waving briskly at half-mast.  I couldn’t for the life of me think of why it was so.  I inquired inside and was told it was in memory of America’s last doughboy of World War I.  James Webb, former Jellico Postmaster, had given me the clipping of Frank Woodruff Buckles’ passing quite a few days before, so I was surprised that so long after the fact the vet was being recognized.

  • In my perfect world


    Spring Cleaning



    By Kathy Jeffers Smith



    If a young man’s fancy is turns to love in the spring, is life fair that an old married woman’s fancy should turn to spring cleaning? 

    Well, nevertheless, this oldish married woman is feeling more favorable toward tackling some ambitious cleaning projects.

  • Legislative Update

    Legislative Update

    March  28 – April 1


    House begins work on common sense

    Voter photo ID plan

    On Thursday, the house took a major first step towards enacting a common sense reform that was a cornerstone pledge to voters last fall. HB seven passed the State and Local Subcommittee and is expected win approval from the full Committee next week.

  • Fire department thanks


    LaFollette Press,

  • Citizen supports efforts


    LaFollette Press:

    Hello, My name is Fatima Marie Atabey. I am writing you today on behalf of two courageous young men that have started a program called HateMeth.com.
    They have a need for funding in a rural community. It requires ten arces of land to build an amusement park and an educational activity center. It is for the prevention and clean up of Crystal Meth here in Campbell and Claiborne Counties and Tennessee. I now live in what is commonly referred to as the Meth Capital of the United States, LaFollette.

  • Shriners thank


    LaFollette Press:

    The Campbell County Shrine Club would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who donated items for our auction and spaghetti dinner March 25 at the Campbell County High School. We want to thank all the local merchants that donated over 70 items for the auction.