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  • LaFollette Library News

    LaFollette Public Library News – March 3, 2011



    Tax Services Being Provided


    Tax filing through the services of AARP is still available at the LaFollette Public Library.  This is a free service conducted every Thursday morning and is by appointment only.  No walk-ins will be accepted.  You must call 562-5154 for an appointment.  All the available slots have been filled, but we are trying to work everyone in that calls.  So if you need your taxes filed, be sure to call the library.

  • Jellico Library News

    Jellico Library News

    Library Director Mark J. Tidwell

    Jellico Public Library hosted a President’s Day reading program on February 21.  Linda Hollars, retired Whitley County teacher, dressed in full costume as Betsy Ross, came and quizzed the kids on presidential trivia.  The kids did pretty well with all those presidential questions and seemed to have a great time.

  • From the Mountain

    From The Mountain

    Mark J. Tidwell

  • Health freedom act headed to house floor


  • Editorial Cartoon March 10, 2011
  • Editorial Cartoon March 3, 2011
  • Letters to the Editor March 3, 2011


    LaFollette Press:

    I sit, mouth wide open, heart wrenching, tears trailing down my cheek after reading your story regarding the abused toddler Peyton Douglas What a horrific world we live in that breeds such inhumane members as those "parents" admittedly responsible for this heinous crime, as well as those responsible for their sentencing.... six and 10 years respectively with only 30 percent to serve and credit for time already served.  Are you kidding me?  

  • Today’s mistakes will shape the rest of your children’s lives

    In the last few months a number of child abuse cases have been resolved in criminal court.

    The resolution in these cases has been nearly identical. 

    The mother has received prison time while the male accused in the case received a lighter sentence.

    In all of these cases the man accused wasn’t the father of the abused child. Instead it was a boyfriend, paramour, lover, whatever label you want to put on him- he was somebody the mother just allowed into the life of her child.

    Ladies it is time to wake up.