Today's Opinions

  • On Higher Ground

    Only the Lord knows what lies ahead for us


    I knew our visitor was a live wire when he asked me for the church roster so he could call members on Saturday night to encourage them to attend church the next morning. 

  • What our students at Valley View need

       Situated in Sevierville is a Christian home for children called Wears Valley Ranch. Affiliated with this ranch is a school called St. Andrews, the school provides an accredited tutorial education for residential youth from the ranch. The St. Andrews school has an underlying philosophy of providing all its students with straight A’s. We here at Valley View Elementary attempt to mimic this philosophy as closely as possible.

  • Selection process should not be taken lightly

     Dr. Michael Martin is gone.

    I am sure as this word made its way around the county’s campuses on Friday, collective cries of joy were heard.

    Many questions have begun to surface about his credibility and the credibility of those he surrounded himself with. There is no doubt that Martin  left under a cloud of suspicion.

    That being said, it can’t be forgotten that his leadership took Campbell County Schools off the state’s targeted take over list.

  • My attempt at bravery is short lived

     Whenever I see police cars I get nervous.

    Most likely it’s some delayed response to my adolescence.

    But on Tuesday, when I was asked to take pictures of the Walgreens “bomb” threat I found myself shaking profusely as I neared the countless flashing lights off Towe String Road.

  • Faithful Words



    Whom do you mimic?


    “Therefore be imitators of God, as dear children” (See Ephesians 5:1-17).

    The word “imitate” (5:1) literally means “to mimic.”

  • From the Mountain

    Mark J. Tidwell

    I realize it varies by locale, but in Highcliff, the morning of Wednesday, October 6, the meadows were spotted by our first frost.  This was not what I would call a killing frost, not being a uniform blanket of sparkling silver covering everything.  It was in selective spots where the temperature had dipped a little lower than the surrounding areas.  So, the katydids were off a few days in predicting the first frost.  But hey, within a week’s range isn’t too bad.

  • On Higher Ground

    I wouldn’t take anything for my last day with Rick


    “Bill, we received an e-mail from Rick today.” 

    That fact in itself was significant, for Rick had had only limited contact with any of the family for almost four years. But I could sense there was more.  Dad continued, “He informed us that he has esophageal cancer.” 

  • From a Mother's Heart

    Yielding to the Spirit Brings Lasting Change


    Many people, after putting their faith in Jesus Christ to save them, become frustrated because they continue to stumble and sin. Or they believe that they could be more effective if they could change certain behaviors, but the changers never seem to last. How can a Christian really change and become more like Christ? Let us look at some very essential points from scripture that can help us experience lasting change.