• Today is September 19th: The sun rises over the East Tennessee mountains as the early morning chill causes my covers to seem more enticing and beckoning than usual. However, the timed percolation device on my electric tea pot has other plans.

    It’s time to start my day. I stretch, let out a huge yawn, and a herd of puppy kisses force me to rise from my paralyzing slumber. I check my emails and cell phone. How nice! An array of family and close friends wish me “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

  • It’s been a long, hot summer, politically, across the country. Americans from all walks of life, including Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats have challenged politicians of all walks of political life. The catalyst, of course, has been the Obama proposal to nationalize our healthcare system, however. While healthcare has been the catalyst, Americans have showed that they are tired of out of control government spending.

  • For most of my politically conscious life, my conservative friends have played the same tune over and over, ad absurdum: “Keep government off my back.” Government, they say, should be kept “out of our lives.” Pundits like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh, among many others in the Washington-bashing business, claim that government is at the root of all evil. And by the looks of things, some of these same people are now organizing against President Obama’s health care plan and singing the same anti-government song.

  • Shakespeare quoted in his play, “Hamlet”: “To thine own self be true.” This week, I think we can all relate to this one, especially myself.

    Yes, there’s always been something that I’ve kept hidden from the world, except from a select few. It’s something that as soon as I step out and fully embrace, I can really become myself and feel the utmost freedom, unlike any other.

    That’s right, I’m talking about…my passion for wanting to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

  • I don’t particularly like writing about my life.

    Let’s face it- that is not why you bought this paper and well, it is just not that interesting.

    However, I am convinced that at least five moms who are reading this will know exactly what I am talking about when they read this.

    They will say, “I did that” as this column progresses.

    So here we go… and by the way, a few fathers may get this as well.

    August can be tough month for mothers.

  • “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.”  Isaiah 5:20

    This week the Obama administration reneged on its commitment to “look forward” and not prosecute the prior administration for alleged misconduct in the War on Terror.  Nevertheless, Attorney General Eric Holder has just authorized an investigation into the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques used in the first months following the 9/11 attack.  

  • A popular ancient proverb says, “The man who lives only by hope will die with despair.”

    Within the next few weeks to come, I’ll be celebrating another year. About twenty-nine-and-holding-years ago, I came into this world. Grant it, I had no idea the direction my life would take, but I’m grateful it all worked like it did, both the bad and good: the bad to make me stronger and the good to make me cherish every yesterday when today is gloomy.

  • I love flea markets. Every once in a while, you can find a good deal on that one thing on this planet that you simply can’t live without.

    While looking through each knick-knack displayed on each table, I couldn’t help but wonder. Did the seller ever envision his or her items for sale would one day impact someone‘s life? Though the seller assumed each chipped and not-so-eye-appealing item was just another thing to sale, to someone else it was a lost treasure with tremendous impact.

  •   Greetings from your Campbell County Chamber of Commerce.

      This is the first in what I intend to be a monthly informational column to keep you up to date on community and economic development efforts here at your chamber.

      I know many, but certainly not all of you.  

  • A young lady used the metaphor at a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania with Senator Arlen Specter in describing what Liberals in Congress and the Obama administration have done to our country. And they know it.

    All over the country, real Americans with real concerns are turning out in record numbers to voice their opinions on not only healthcare, but also the exponential expansion of the federal government with more control over our lives while spending more of our hard-earned tax dollars to do it.

  • This past weekend we were at my daughter’s lovely houseboat on the lake where we had a birthday celebration for my great grandson Aydin who turned four years old on Aug. 12.

  • A former United States President once said, “Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

    Before you answer the following question, keep in mind that none of us wear halos and angel wings, so by all means, be at liberty to answer honestly. Have you ever hated someone, or do you hate someone right now as we speak?

    We’ve all done this.

    I don’t care who you are.

  • Over the last few weeks, town hall meetings have turned into demonstrations against President Obama’s nationalized healthcare reform proposals. From every corner of America, citizens are standing up to their elected leaders and expressing frustration at the role of the federal government. In fact, it’s been so intense that some elected officials have cancelled town hall meetings or not had them at all.  

  • What do the following have in common? Keep in mind, they could all be happening right now as we speak.

    Two middle-aged women are at a hospital. One woman is being told by her doctor that her cancer is in remission. The other woman, who’s just across the hall, is being told she has only six months to live.

  • Complete this sentence: “If I was _______, then I’d truly be blessed and happy.”

    Time’s up and pencils down.

    Now, forget your answer for a moment and lend me your ears…or, in this case…eyes.

    No matter what the answer is, we’re always trying to find true happiness; that light at the end of the tunnel where life and all its oddities make perfect sense. It can span a number of topics: health and well being, building of faith, that perfect soul mate, a position as a C.E.O. with a multi-million dollar income.

  • The Cash for Clunkers program has worked so well it is broke.  The four-month program went broke in four days by giving away our tax dollars to help the auto industry it now owns.  

    So, the government that can’t run a Cash for Clunkers wants to run a government healthcare program?

    Obamacare sounds like it will take some patients off the road with, as the president calls them, those tough “life-ending” decisions that could save $500 billion in Medicare costs.